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Bruce is a political blogger and veteran games industry marketer based in the United Kingdom.

Goodbye Theresa May

The United Kingdom has had two female Prime Ministers. One of the best in our history and one of the worst in our history. Margaret Thatcher believed in democracy, individual freedom, enterprise, a small state, citizen’s rights, low tax and in pride in our nation. Theresa May believes in none …

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Why Socialism Occupies the Moral Low Ground

Socialism occupies the moral low ground in every way. They expropriate what successful people have worked for. Socialism is based on all people being equally poor, with everything possible being owned by the state. The only way to achieve this is to expropriate (steal) from rich people. You can see …

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North Korea, all the explanations

North Korea (PRNK) is a Communist country, which means that it is really a feudal monarchy, with the Kim family having absolute power, living in incredible luxury. Through three generations they have blackmailed the West into giving them vast amounts of stuff; money, food and nuclear technology (two 1000-MWe light-water …

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In 2017 strikes should be illegal

At its very simplest an employee contracts to provide their labour in return for a remuneration package. If that employee then withdraws their labour then they are in gross breach of their contract, freeing the employer to sack them and to sue them for any harm done to the business. …

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Was Jeremy Corbyn a traitor to the British People?

The Northern Ireland “troubles” began in the late 1960s and ended with the Good Friday “Belfast” Agreement of 1998. Primarily it consisted of a terrorist organisation, the IRA, attempting to overthrow democracy by the use of violence. It came to an end when the IRA were militarily defeated and forced …

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Jeremy Corbyn is a Serial Liar

I have said many times that socialists always lie, because if they told the truth nobody would vote for them. This applies just as much to Jeremy Corbyn as it did to Tony Blair. Unfortunately many people are too dim, too naive or too brainwashed to see through this, especially …

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Labour Election Lies about the Economy

The above list, of Labour’s policies and how they would supposedly be paid for, looks like it was put together by a 14 year old who isn’t studying economics. The whole thing is a financially and economically illiterate farce. Mostly based on politics of envy and mostly going to cause real …

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10 commandments for a better society

Here are 10 very obvious and very straightforward “rules” that, were they observed, would make society a whole lot better for everyone. Everything that government does it does badly. So the less government the better. This has been proven to be true an infinite number of times. The government is …

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Why is the British Government wasting £trillions?

The government has approved a third runway at Heathrow. The existing two runways ran out of capacity in 1977, so the new runway will be almost instantly up against its maximum usage. Immediately we will need a fourth runway and a fifth. Otherwise we still won’t be able to fly to …

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#Brexit. So much good news

So much noise is made about the Single Market that commentators forget that the EU forces us to be part of something much worse and much bigger. A Customs Union. The EU is the world’s largest anti-trade organisation. This means the 28 nations and 510 million people of the EU …

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Some Bremainiac Lies

Because the remain campaign had no good reasons why we should stay in the EU they resorted to Project Fear instead. Telling us a pack of lies to try and win the referendum. But these lies were so obvious and so ridiculous that only the most dim witted didn’t see …

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Brexit. Democracy under threat

The above graph is taken from the Facts4EU website, a great reference if you want the truth, instead of the Bremoan propaganda of the BBC, the Financial Times and the Economist (link to their site here). The graph is based on proper, statistically valid, opinion polling by the highly respected …

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The Labour Party despises the working man

Since Tony Blair opened the floodgates to Eastern European workers they have swarmed into Britain, the wages are many times higher here. At the end of last year there were more than two million mainland Europeans working here (an increase of around 200,000 in the year) and more than half …

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Why do we have a house price bubble?

A home is somewhere for a family to live, so it should be affordable within the wages that most people earn. This is obviously not true in the UK today. We have a massive house price bubble, which is utterly ridiculous when you consider that a four bedroom family house …

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The NHS is a 3rd world quality consumer service

It is amazing how so many people treat the NHS as if it is some religion to be worshiped, rather than the 3rd world quality consumer service that it is. They fail to realise that other developed countries also have health services, and nearly all of them do it better. …

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What is the Labour leadership contest really all about?

Labour is in the midst of a leadership contest.  All ballots must be returned by Wednesday 21 September at midday and the result will be announced at a Special Conference on Saturday 24 September in Liverpool. Corbyn is guaranteed to win. So what is really going on? All political parties …

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Capitalism is morally superior to Socialism

Because of its incorrect portrayal by the left a lot of people misunderstand what capitalism is. Quite simply it is serving one’s fellow man. A capitalist competes in the free market to provide goods and services to other people. All the parties involved benefit from every transaction. It is this amazingly …

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A second Brexit referendum would be a landslide win for Leave

The bad losers on the Bremainiac side keep asking for another referendum. These people don’t respect democracy. Presumably they want a referendum every month until they get the “right” result. Just like the utterly deluded SNP in Scotland. What they don’t realise is that a second referendum would be a …

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