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Software analyst. Engineering graduate. A social progressive at heart, and a former atheist. Believes in protecting life and liberty. Recently developed a strong interest in economics despite having given up the subject many moons ago. UKIP parliamentary candidate for 2017. Emigrated from Malaysia to the UK in 1998.

Fun facts about Climate Change

Over the years, I’ve learnt some interesting facts about the atmosphere and climate change… Cloud cover Water vapour is evaporated from the seas , which covers 70% of the global surface area. The warmer air is, the more water vapour it can hold. [1,2] The more water vapour there is …

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Parliamentary scrutiny and the Supreme Court

The principle of the tripartite separation of powers puts forward three branches of government: 1) the judiciary, 2) the legislature, 3) the executive. The judiciary exercises the law, and binds the executive to prevent it from breaking law. The legislature creates law, but is bound by the agenda set by …

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Free market vs socialism: supply and demand

In a free market, supply always rises to meet demand: If someone is willing to pay for it, somebody is willing to provide it. If too many people are providing the same, either prices drop, or suppliers need to develop a premium quality product or service to maintain their attractiveness. …

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The reasons for my opposition to the EU

My opposition to the EU is essentially down to the fact that it works badly. Everything that the UK government does not do well at, the EU does even worse. Let me list some prominent examples… Single currency (Eurozone):Normally, an ailing economy’s currency depreciates, which encourages inward investment and domestic …

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State capitalism vs socialism vs communism

On an online exchange, a lefty illustrated the distinctions between those three concepts as such:State capitalism – private ownership with significant govt intervention.Socialism – democratic ownership of production.Communism – stateless, moneyless, classless society. Boiling it down to fundamentals, here are the distinctions according to their definitions:State capitalism – state? yes; private ownership? yesSocialism – state? …

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Condemnation by medical experts

Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans were condemned by the both the medical experts and the UK courts. So their lives were taken away, by force of the court order. In Australia, Noah Wall was similarly condemned by medical experts for not having a brain. But his parents went with their heart. …

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To the Left, everything disagreeable is far right

When are self-identifying lefties going to acknowledge the evils of far-left ideology? They will not. To the modern Left, every form of extremism is far right… Authoritarianism (more rules)? Far right.Anarchism (no rules)? Also far right. Plutocracy (rule by the few)? Far right.Populism (appealing to the masses)? Also far right. …

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Financiers are not just “greedy bankers”

I would hazard a guess that most people have heard the refrain “greedy bankers” to denigrate the wealthy individuals who work in the financial sector. However, how many are actually aware of what these people do, and what role does investment banking actually play in the economy? Not ‘just’ greedy …

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The costs of housing policies

I live in Croydon. Like many parts of the country, we are experiencing a severe shortage of quality housing. Yet Croydon Central’s current MP is the Shadow Minister for Housing, Labour’s Sarah Jones; its previous MP was Gavin Barwell, then the Minister for Housing. If these politicians were serious about …

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The foolishness of Keynesian stimulus

The economics of Keynesian stimulus: Spend more money on public services than tax intake People earn more money and spend more money More money earnt and spent means more tax intake Result: win-win… right? Theory vs practice Assuming everyone is taxed at 40%, let’s see how this plays out… Under balanced …

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Exhausting the ‘far-right’ label

I am genuinely sick and tired of being called far-right. ‘Right-wing’ does not mean “everything that a leftie disagrees with”. I am genuinely sick and tired of being called far-right. I disagree with David Cameron, but I also disagree with a lot of lefties and left-wing policies, but that does …

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Tackling public transport issues in London

Most people agree that London public transport is overcrowded and expensive. To tackle these two problems requires a two-pronged strategy, one on capacity, and one on costs. 1) Tube capacity The conventional method of tackling capacity would be to increase the length of the trains and to increase the frequency …

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What is ‘affordable housing’?

I assume most people take ‘affordable housing’ to mean accommodation that is affordable, something that people on average levels of income are able to afford to buy. But let’s go back to basic economics: What determines the price of a property? Although there is a rough correlation in that, if …

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“Pooled sovereignty” is an oxymoron

The concept of “pooled sovereignty” is rather like “guided democracy” or “autocratic vote”, one word overrides the meaning of the other. Let’s consider the basic meaning of words: Sovereignty is the idea of a nation being self-governing, having ultimate power or supreme jurisdiction over its own laws and direction. The …

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Wealth creation is not a zero-sum game

A “zero-sum game” means that everyone’s gains are accounted for by someone else’s loss. Apparently, this is what socialists believe: “Capitalists cannot keep making money forever, because eventually they will have taken all the value from the world and would have to start taking money from the poor.” – Socialism 101 …

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Progressives are not liberal

The Left may be described as progressive, but that does not mean they are liberal. Political progressivism really means nothing more than desiring change. But change towards what? Change toward authoritarianism is just as much ‘progress’ as change toward ‘anarchy’. We must never conflate ‘progressive’ with the genuine meaning of …

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Shouldn’t the rich contribute more?

Richest 1% pay 29% income tax. How much more can we expect the rich to contribute? Shouldn’t the rich contribute more? How much the rich contribute Rich people already contribute more. How much more? Here are some rough statistics of how much tax is contributed according to income bands (from 2012, United Kingdom)… …

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How #Brexit would benefit the UK’s finance sector

Ever since the results of the United Kingdom’s referendum on EU membership was finalised, much has been made (particularly in the City) of the impact on the UK’s financial sector. Indeed, I myself held a similar opinion: Regulatory Passporting: The killer argument against Brexit. Much of the UK’s success in the …

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