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Dr John Sydenham has worked in International Pharmaceuticals and for one of the "big four" International Consultancies. He ran a successful company for 15 years and after selling the company devotes his time to travel, science, black labradors and freedom.

Why a Second Referendum is Undemocratic

Imagine there were a General Election won by Labour. Suppose the Tories delayed their departure from office for 3 years and then, when the opinion polls were ripe, held another General Election to “confirm” the first.  Surely no-one would say that this was a democracy. Suppose the Scottish were indeed …

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Reasons for Independence

Many users of Social Media have stated that they cannot find any reason for Independence.  Here are some of the main reasons with links to further articles that explain them more fully. The immediate reason for Brexit is the Lisbon Treaty (2009) and the completion of the transitional arrangements that phased …

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No Deal Brexit (WTO, No Transition) will be fine

The Treasury forecasts for the effect of the Referendum on the UK economy are now known to have been wrong. There was no huge economic meltdown due to “uncertainty” in 2017, unemployment has stayed low and inflation is steady.  In fact the UK economy has performed better than that of …

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Disloyalty, Betrayal and Traitors

How reasonable is it to use the word “Traitor” when describing a Remain supporter? Remain supporters are offended by the use of the term “Traitor”.  They believe that when, as Kenneth Clarke said, “the Westminster Parliament is just a council chamber in Europe.”  [1], the people of Britain will be …

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The Supreme Court Rules Against the People

On 24th September 2019, the UK Supreme Court ruled that the current prorogation of Parliament was illegal. The Supreme Court began its ruling with the concept of dividing the process into whether the Court had the power to intervene in a political decision such as prorogation (judiciability) and then, if …

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Impartial Journalism in a Polarised World

The BBC has recently produced a programme called “Impartial Journalism in a Polarised World”, created by James Harding, which discusses how they are being challenged by alternative sources of news.  Organisations like the BBC portray themselves as heroes battling against a tide of disinformation but how far is this the …

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Who are the Fascists?

How far are those who support the independence of the UK or those who support remaining in the EU like early Nazis? Who supported the Nazis?  In 1933 the Germans elected a coalition government with Hitler as Chancellor.  On page 3, right at the beginning of the first book that …

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The Big Brexit Quiz!

Test your knowledge of Brexit.  Tease those Leaver friends. Page down for short answers or click on links below each question for sourced answer. 1. When was Parliament last Prorogued? a. At the start of every session. b. 1997 by John Major c. 1639 Rules on proroguing Parliament 2. Did …

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BBC News Suppression

The BBC suppresses any news that favours leaving the EU. Check these links to find out what the BBC should have told the nation: Nothing in the Belfast Agreement requires European Union Membership Imports from Calais Ports of Entry in NI Barnier preferred Canada Plus  Racism in the EU Trade …

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People, Parliament, Government and Law

The UK has been in a perfect political and legal storm.  It has a minority Government, a Referendum that narrowly supported leaving the EU and a Parliament that overwhelmingly rejects leaving the EU. In normal times the Government would call a General Election but the Fixed Term Parliaments Act 2011 …

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Be Careful what you Wish For

It has been evident for some time that the EU Referendum could be overturned.  This is still not certain but possible. Things looked bleak from the very beginning because the government that was to negotiate Leaving had a Remain Prime Minister and a Remain Chancellor.  This was not surprising because …

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British Politics in 2019

All the shenanigans of the past 3 years have explained British politics. The country is split between its main regions and split internally.  It is the internal split that is most important and interesting. In the 2016 EU Referendum about half of the population voted to leave the EU and …

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Movement of Goods after a No Deal Brexit

UK ports imported 248m tonnes of produce and exported 138m tonnes in 2017. (See UK Port Freight Statistics 2017). Click to enlarge. Dover was responsible for only 26m tonnes of the total 386m tonnes of international freight transported in 2017. Top 10 major ports + All other tonnage Dover moved 15.5m …

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No Deal Fake News

This article will provide clear, click through links to all of its source data.  Click on these links whenever you feel that you must check a source. First of all, what are the current economists’ predictions for the UK economy for 2019 to 2020? These predictions are all sourced, click …

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“Leavers are not my sort of people”

I have had quiet conversations with several Remain backers over the past couple of weeks.  All three were absolutely clear that Leave voters did not really understand what they were voting for.  They said this to me, someone who has read the EU Treaties and studied the history of the …

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The economy, value of pound, trade in July 2019

The graphs below summarise the current state of the UK economy: The central, grey line is the Purchase Power Parity (PPP) of the pound – what the pound is really worth when buying things in the UK, this is the real value of the pound. The coloured lines show when …

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Welsh Lamb Propaganda

There has been a great deal about the “terrible” effects of Brexit on the Welsh lamb industry. What is the truth? Only about 30-40% of Welsh sheep meat is exported: The Welsh sheep industry was worth c.£278m to the Welsh economy in 2018. Only about £70m of meat of all types is …

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The No Deal predictions

Prior to considering any of the predictions for a No Deal Brexit it is worthwhile to get a sense of perspective about the role of the EU in the UK economy. In 2016 exports to the EU constituted only 12% of UK GDP. ( See Exports of Goods and Services to …

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