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Dr John Sydenham has worked in International Pharmaceuticals and for one of the "big four" International Consultancies. He ran a successful company for 15 years and after selling the company devotes his time to travel, science, black labradors and freedom.

Italy, Spain and the Future of the EU

Italy and Spain are in trouble.  Not only do they have the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the EU but their economies are on the rocks.  The European Central Bank (ECB) saved Italy with promises in March as the Italian Treasury was having to offer ever increasing yields on its bonds …

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The Political Fallacies

Political beliefs depend on the many assumptions that we accrue during our lives.  The young voter is particularly prone to fallacious assumptions because of lack of experience. The worst fallacies are the caring fallacy, the fallacy of reasonableness, the globalization fallacy, the fallacy of historical responsibility and the fallacy of …

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After Coronavirus

In six months time, after huge numbers of deaths in the Middle East and elsewhere due to Covid-19 what will have changed? The retail industry will experience the biggest change.  Many small shops cannot survive months of shutdown.  Expect town centres to contract yet further as everyone learns how to …

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Global Collapse? How likely?

There is currently some talk of global economic collapse being imminent. (See for instance Complex Systems Collide, Markets Crash).   The basic thesis is that interactions between the world and the economy can cause the economy to switch into a different mode of operating. Things are looking bad at the moment. The …

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Media madness

I recently heard Jeremy Bowen, the BBC correspondent, claim that the world had failed Syria.  The message being that “we” should have been more involved.  In fact the world has been involved in Syria, NATO has blown whole towns to pieces and the Russians and Iranians are helping Assad to …

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Teaching the British Empire

The school history curriculum in the UK often skips the British Empire.  This leaves children with little knowledge of what actually happened and makes them prey to the fake history that is used by political movements to divide people, those who were born generations after the empires ended, into victims …

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Democracy and Non-Criminal Hate Crime

“Non-criminal hate crime” is not a crime because it is non-criminal.  So why is anyone bothered?  Read on. When Harriet Harman framed the “Equality Act 2010” she introduced a method of law enforcement that was widely used in the Communist Bloc.  The Communists countered opinions that upset the State by …

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The BBC: A threat to all of us?

During the Referendum campaign and the three years that followed many supporters of British Independence cursed the BBC News and found it to be biased.  The Remain campaign realised that this was a threat and made counter accusations to provide the BBC with apparent evidence that by offending both sides …

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Terrorism: Time to leave the EU Counter Terrorism Strategy

The EU Counter Terrorism Strategy was adopted by Member States in 2005.   “Prevent” and de-radicalisation are essential features of this strategy. The EU Counter Terrorism Strategy was based on the idea that the Political Establishment has correct beliefs and that serious deviations from these are effectively a form of mental illness.  This …

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Reconciling Remain and Leave

I have had two conversations in the past week about Brexit and they both went in identical directions.  The Remain supporters said “the referendum was fixed”.  I said “but the 2017 election promised to implement it which is why Corbyn got so many votes”.  They said “Of course, when it …

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Independence at Last – Hooray!

Thank you!  Thanks to all those who kept the governance of this country in the hands of the people who live here.  We still have a home that we can call our own. Our independence is one of the most democratic and fair decisions ever made in the UK.  It …

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How can the Tories win the 2024 election?

The Conservatives can take some steps now to win the 2024 election. The most important first step is to demand that BBC News and Current Affairs employs a fairly representative number of journalists from across the political spectrum in the UK.  Perhaps it is a result of operating the World …

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Will Brexit win the General Election?

This General Election was called because Parliament was hung over Brexit.  Remain’s task is to divert attention from Brexit and the task of those who favour independence is to ensure attention stays on Brexit. Keeping attention on Brexit should be easy but the broadcast media are wholly Remain and are …

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Environmentalism in the EU

The EU has had overall responsibility for environmental concerns in the UK and other member states for almost 30 years (Treaty on European Union, Art 191).  How well has it done beyond putting up blue flags?  Has it done better than the Member States might have achieved outside the EU? …

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Where is the best place to live in the world?

I was in the barbers last week talking about a recent visit to the South of France.   I was asked where I would most like to live.  I said “not the South of France” – much too hot in summer nowadays, the beaches are skirted by major roads, the …

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Fighting a Brexit Election

Now that Hammond and other Remain Tories are no longer setting the agenda the new Conservatives can have a tactical election for Brexit.  They can put tax cuts and other contentious issues aside.  This is a Brexit election.  Remainers will attempt to divert the campaign away from Brexit because they …

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