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Dr John Sydenham has worked in International Pharmaceuticals and for one of the "big four" International Consultancies. He ran a successful company for 15 years and after selling the company devotes his time to travel, science, black labradors and freedom.

How to destroy the UK and how to stop that happening

A nation exists where economic geography and history has led the people who occupy an area of land to create an independent economy, culture, legal system and politics. If you wish to destroy a nation you cannot do so by simply invading it. The moment the troops are withdrawn it …

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A Brief History of British Slavery

Should events that happened over 200 years ago be part of current politics?  What was the truth about the slave trade and slaving? About 12m Africans were shipped across the Atlantic over a period of 400 years (with most occurring in the 18th and 19th centuries).   The trade was known …

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What is China’s Plan?

Various small clashes over the past year culminated in a fairly large scale skirmish on Monday in Ladakh that left 20 Indian soldiers dead and killed at least that many Chinese troops (Indian Times). It is less than a week since China seized 60 square km of Indian land in …

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Cheer up, it’s just the end of days

What is in common between the riots in the USA, Chinese expansionism, a Global Pandemic, Global Warming, drought, wildfires across Siberia, global economic collapse etc. ? Is it the media?  Certainly the media are hysterical and determined to bring down the government in the UK and USA but as part …

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China: Are we too late to react?

My joy at opening this week’s AAAS magazine “Science” was slightly blunted by the four pages of Chinese Government advertising that were followed by a long editorial article on how the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) should be given NIH funds.  The article did not mention that due to the …

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Do not extend the Transition Period for Brexit

The decision on whether to extend the transition period must be made by 30th June.  Does it need extending? Barnier says that the biggest obstacle is that “the EU will not agree to any future partnership that does not include a balanced and long-term agreement on fisheries” (Euractiv).  If that …

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British Universities are Severely Compromised by Links with China

The Russell Group of top UK universities released a document in 2018 that detailed how the UK has now moved ahead of Japan to become the second most popular partner for Chinese researchers after the US.  China is a National Socialist State (See National Socialism with Chinese Characteristics) yet British universities boast …

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Why is there a lack of PPE? PPE and Public Sector Contracts.

Journalists have been having fun at the government’s expense on the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) issue but what is actually happening? Why haven’t UK manufacturers been engaged to cope with the shortfall?  The answer seems to lie with NHS purchasing. The NHS has demonstrated true public sector flair by reducing …

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Predictions for the Global and UK Economy

The IMF has recently released predictions for the economy.  It predicts a 3% fall in global GDP in 2020 and a 6.5% fall in the UK: The IMF is pessimistic about global recovery, apparently the economic recovery is beginning now, which is puzzling.   It is interesting that only a month ago, …

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Italy, Spain and the Future of the EU

Italy and Spain are in trouble.  Not only do they have the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the EU but their economies are on the rocks.  The European Central Bank (ECB) saved Italy with promises in March as the Italian Treasury was having to offer ever increasing yields on its bonds …

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The Political Fallacies

Political beliefs depend on the many assumptions that we accrue during our lives.  The young voter is particularly prone to fallacious assumptions because of lack of experience. The worst fallacies are the caring fallacy, the fallacy of reasonableness, the globalization fallacy, the fallacy of historical responsibility and the fallacy of …

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After Coronavirus

In six months time, after huge numbers of deaths in the Middle East and elsewhere due to Covid-19 what will have changed? The retail industry will experience the biggest change.  Many small shops cannot survive months of shutdown.  Expect town centres to contract yet further as everyone learns how to …

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Global Collapse? How likely?

There is currently some talk of global economic collapse being imminent. (See for instance Complex Systems Collide, Markets Crash).   The basic thesis is that interactions between the world and the economy can cause the economy to switch into a different mode of operating. Things are looking bad at the moment. The …

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Media madness

I recently heard Jeremy Bowen, the BBC correspondent, claim that the world had failed Syria.  The message being that “we” should have been more involved.  In fact the world has been involved in Syria, NATO has blown whole towns to pieces and the Russians and Iranians are helping Assad to …

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Teaching the British Empire

The school history curriculum in the UK often skips the British Empire.  This leaves children with little knowledge of what actually happened and makes them prey to the fake history that is used by political movements to divide people, those who were born generations after the empires ended, into victims …

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Democracy and Non-Criminal Hate Crime

“Non-criminal hate crime” is not a crime because it is non-criminal.  So why is anyone bothered?  Read on. When Harriet Harman framed the “Equality Act 2010” she introduced a method of law enforcement that was widely used in the Communist Bloc.  The Communists countered opinions that upset the State by …

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