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Rex is a freelance writer in medical affairs, economics and sport. A former teacher and examiner of Economics, his interest in European Union affairs took root when discovering the depths of the Maastricht Treaty. He is a committed democrat having campaigned for a popular vote to decide on further integration measures, based on fact rather than spin.

Is Britain really safer in? (Part 1 – military)

One of the early claims in the referendum campaign, even before the campaign started in earnest, is that Britain is “safer IN”. Let’s have a look at these claims. There are three aspects to the claim. The first of these is militarily, the second is in terrorism, the third crime. …

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George Osborne’s leaky defence and own goals

The Treasury Select Committee (TSC) met on the afternoon of 11th May to question George Osborne and Treasury official, Mark Bowman over the EU Referendum campaign. The session can be seen here. For those who are unaware, select committees are broadly organised to reflect government departments. Naturally, the TSC reflects …

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House of Cards Tricks

The debate surrounding Britain’s referendum on the EU is well under way. After making some surprising statements at the end of February and start of March, Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, has been surprisingly quiet. Hammond’s reputation was once that of being something of a Euroscpetic. As recently as 2013, in …

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Cameron’s insult to Parliament, Britain, the EU and others

David Cameron yielded to pressure to face the Parliamentary Liaison Committee on the afternoon of 4th May. The committee Chair had previously written to express disappointment that he did not intend to face the committee. Proceedings can be seen here. Following his earlier admonition of the Leader of the opposition about …

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A View of What “Out” Looks Like- Part 1

It has been outlined before that the aim of this site is to explore arguments around the forthcoming EU referendum, helping people to make a decision based in complete information. So far, the campaign had been dominated by “official” information from the government’s position labelled as Project Fear. Exports will …

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“That” Osborne document

Last week George Osborne took centre stage. He started with selective quotes from Emmanuel Macron the French economy minister. Macron told us on the Andrew Marr show that there would be a price for access to the Single European Market (SEM). Macron told us some other things too. Outside, Britain would “killed” …

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