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The English Eccentric is a student from the North of England. Having, from a very early age, developed an obsession with history and a habit of dressing up and charging round the garden with swords, she now intends to continue this practice well into her adult life. She classes herself as a One-Nation Conservative.

Reflections of a former SJW

I used to be a Social Justice Warrior. To paraphrase Peter Hitchens, in some ways I’m rather glad for it, because having already caught the disease, I’m now immune to it. People like me are in a rather unique position, because we know exactly what it’s like to think certain …

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Believe In Britain- #BelieveinBritain

If you go into a primary school in London, or any major city in Britain, and ask the children whether they are proud to be British, how many will raise their hands? And if you ask them who Alfred the Great or Isambard Kingdom Brunel was, or why the English …

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