Thursday , August 22 2019
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Thomas Moss is a college student of law and politics, and a member of his local Conservative Party’s Executive Council. Born in Liverpool, he has applied to study Law at university. He has ambitions to go into the Bar, and supports freedom, liberty and loves gin and Abba.

Ignore the gloomsters, this is a perfect Cabinet

Hallelujah! The resignation of one Theresa May brings joy to many people – Brexiteers, socialists and the commentariat. The socialists have another tear in their eye now – and that is due to the next Prime Minister being one Boris Johnson. For the first time since 1991, the Conservative Party …

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It is time for Boris

Originally, I supported Esther McVey for the leadership of the Conservative Party, and I still do believe that she is the best candidate. There is one issue – she is not gaining traction among MPs, and is still languishing with six supporters. This means I need to pick a different …

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