Wednesday , December 13 2017
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Let the market decide the BBC’s fate.

The British Broadcasting Corporation, or as I like to call it: the  Bias Broadcasting Corporation. For 95 years the BBC has kept itself in business on the backs of ordinary working people, claiming to be “impartial, free and fair”, but have proven to be quite the opposite. For years they’ve …

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100 Years of Communism. 100 Million Lives. Think Twice.

It has been easy to miss that this year has been the centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution, one of history’s most disasterous events. Students today did not live through the Soviet years, and as such are grossly uninformed or outright misinformed. This irks Harvard undergraduate Laura Nicolae, whose parents escaped …

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The UK must get off of our knees

It has been some time since I blogged.  I have been somewhat distracted by Twitter and this has provided an outlet enabling responses to fast-moving events.  But… Twitter can’t be used to convey my current thoughts on the EU “negotiations” and the state of play in UK politics. Firstly, the EU “negotiations”.  I …

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Reflections of a former SJW

I used to be a Social Justice Warrior. To paraphrase Peter Hitchens, in some ways I’m rather glad for it, because having already caught the disease, I’m now immune to it. People like me are in a rather unique position, because we know exactly what it’s like to think certain …

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Why is UK Productivity not Growing?

The UK economy has been losing productivity relative to historical trends since 2008: The fact that the fall in productivity after 2008 is exactly coincident with the banking crisis shows that it is related to the behaviour of banks.  Bank lending to business has been appalling in this period, the …

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The Conservatives Record On Jobs And Employment.

Since the Conservatives came to power in 2010 we have seen a jobs miracle that has given economic security to hundreds of thousands of people. Under this Conservative government we have seen… The Highest employment rate ever and lowest unemployment rate in 40 years. 3,011,000 more people in work. Unemployment reduce …

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Opinion or Fact?

Have you ever noticed the underlying “but” in much of our social intercourse these days? If you haven’t it is maybe that you, like me, have almost become inured to it. We seem to live our lives embroiled in a constant stream of negativity such that the positive becomes totally …

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The Little University on the Prairie

Apparently there is a plan in Scotland to pay students £8000 per year to study. Scottish students already have their fees paid by the taxpayer. The idea now is that they should be paid the equivalent of the “living wage” to study. This all begins to get rather expensive for …

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Lancashire – The Sacred County

Famous for its rich history and diversity, the County Palatine of Lancashire is home to almost one and a half million people – people from all faiths and none.  For many, it is the Sacred County – which, since its inception, in 1182, has been at the heart of religious …

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Budget 2017 Reaction

This was a holding budget designed to buy the government some political breathing room, and so Philip Hammond kicked the can down the road on nearly all of the major fiscal and structural issues facing Britain I intended this piece to be just a few disjointed thoughts reflecting on Philip …

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The British Monarchy: Unelected yet wholly Democratic!

I was inspired to write this article by the excellent milestone of HM the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Platinum anniversary celebrated this week. Events like this thrill me and reignite my passion for this country and it’s traditions along with Royal weddings, Royal babies, State Openings, and the …

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On the Tory “mutineers”

The amazing thing about the “Tory mutineers” is that they are being portrayed by the media as rebels.  Rebel is certainly the wrong word.  Lets look at three of them: Dominic Grieve  is one of the most forthright of the mutineers. Grieve is another victim of the suppression of news by …

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