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Nick Clegg, Theresa Hunt and Tobias Ellwood

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The Brexit News for 24th June.

Nick Clegg has hit the headlines as Facebook’s £1m a year, £7m package Vice President of Global Affairs.  His most important statement is that the Russians and Cambridge Analytica did not use Facebook to influence the EU Referendum in 2016.   We already knew this but perhaps this absolutely clear denial from Nick Clegg, a passionate Remain supporter, will stop the BBC from implying that the EU Referendum was rigged.

Like Tony Blair, the £2m a year JP Morgan International Director and George Osborne, the £650,000 a year Blackrock Director, Clegg is being paid off for his support of Multinational Corporations.  Has he beaten Blair’s pay packet? Only the Rich List will resolve this issue in 10 years time.

The BBC has just re-awakened the 17th February threat by Tobias Ellwood that several Tory MPs would bring down any government that attempted to implement the Referendum despite being refused any acceptable deal by the EU.

Meanwhile Jeremy “Theresa” Hunt is campaigning for the Tory leadership on the platform of allowing the EU to stand firm on the Withdrawal Agreement and permitting Brexit to be delayed until Parliament eventually revokes Article 50.

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