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The Commonwealth, Realms, & CANZUK Campaign (CRCC) Home

The Commonwealth, Realms and CANZUK Campaign (CRCC) is a joint effort between a number of CANZUK and Commonwealth groups seeking to emphasise the role of the Commonwealth, especially the Realms, to the UK, but also within the larger association. To that aim, we propose closer relations between the nations and realms, specifically concerning economic development and co-operation in the global community. Due to the closer ties and numerous similarities between the sixteen Realms, and four CANZUK Nations they are the first step.

The history of the Commonwealth shows a remarkable network of nation with a common history working together for the common good. It cannot be denied that many Commonwealth nations were forcibly annexed into the British Empire, but the Commonwealth represents a new dawn of our family nations working together as equals. It is this dawn we at the CRCC herald and work towards.

Our goals are:

  • Economic Development – Including through closer trade ties. Inter-Commonwealth trade was $592 billion in 2013, and estimated to rise to $1 trillion by 2020. Our aim is to ensure all Commonwealth citizens benefit from this increase
  • Geopolitical Issues – A more cohesive response to foreign issues
  • International Alliances – Ensuring all Realms and member-states are not at risk of foreign military invasion and coercion and that all nations are treated equally in the international community, regardless of size
  • Easier mobility for citizens of our family of nations

We are currently focusing on the UK, in relation to the results of the 2017 General Election on June the 8th, and petitioning the new government about our proposals.

The four CANZUK Nations which form the first “association of interest” are:


 Canada  Australia  New Zealand  United Kingdom

There are twelve other Realms which form the back-bone in our campaign and are shown on the map below

Antigua and Barbuda Bahamas Barbados Belize
Grenada Jamaica Papua New Guinea Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Solomon Islands Tuvalu

The third aspect of our campaign is for closer relations with the other thirty-six member states in the Commonwealth, yet due to a number of issues, closer relationships and non bilateral agreements are traditionally more complex and would take a longer time to formulate.

We are currently petitioning the UK government about our goals, and if you support them please sign it here.

For more information about the campaign, please see the blog here, or our partner organisation’s websites included below.

CANZUK International

The United Commonwealth Society

The United Commonwealth

If you support our goals of regulated Free Movement between the CANZUK Nations (Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK), please sign CANZUK International’s petition here




Images Courtesy of

By Camaeron – Own work, GFDL, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3838877

The Commonwealth Organisation

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