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Reflecting on Article 50

A genuine opportunity for democratic renewal – if we can keep it Many believed – either through arrogance or hopelessness – that this day would never come. Article 50 Day: the day that the British government triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and formally signalled to the European Union our decision …

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Thoughts on Article 50

It would take a heart of stone not to have felt a twinge of emotion at least once today, be one a Remainer or a Brexiteer. There was much to feel emotional about. The sense of jubilation amongst many who have supported Brexit for a lifetime-for them, they must feel …

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Rights of EU citizens after #Brexit (HoL debate)

The House of Lords has entered the second day of the second reading of the Article 50 debate. There have been some fascinating contributions, some expected, some unexpected. One in particular stood out. It has been an interesting week for the House of Lords, starting with Monday’s BBC documentary Meet …

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EU v UK – the balance of negotiating power

As the Article 50 starts to take shape, the question facing negotiators is who has the stronger position. The question has been addressed by select committees. Let’s take a practical look. At the same time that debate is in progress, sundry parliamentary select committees are hearing evidence from different sectors. …

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#Brexit – some EU perspectives

The march towards Brexit continues. Finally, the Article 50 Bill has been presented to Parliament and passed by the Commons. What better time to consider perspectives from the EU on what Brexit might mean? With the Article 50 Bill timescale, in theory at least, Theresa May should be in a …

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A policy for Brexit

Introduction Following the EU referendum on 23rd June 2016, the British people voted to leave the EU, i.e. NOT to be a member of the SEM. The government tell us that Brexit means Brexit, but not what Brexit means. This is an attempt to set out a negotiating position. Article …

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Interpreting the High Court’s Brexit Ruling

At 10.00 am on 3 November 2016, the High Court gave a ruling on the complaints by Gina Miller and others that the Government does not have the right to arbitrarily invoke Article 50 to institute the process of leaving the European Union (EU). The judges’ decision ruled in favour …

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On The Article 50 Ruling- Everybody calm down

So as was always a possibility, the High Court has ruled that the government does not have the authority to initiate Britain’s secession from the EU by invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty without first winning a vote in Parliament. From the Guardian: Parliament alone has the power to …

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Conservative Party Conference 2016: The Verdict

Overall, this year’s Conservative Party Conference was a success. It was so wonderful to see the Conservative Party finally be united in support of Brexit. Guido Fawkes said it right when he said Theresa May’s Brexit speech was the speech many of us have hoped for decades to hear a Prime …

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This Saturday the Remainiacs “MARCH FOR EUROPE”

This Saturday the Remainiacs ‘March For Europe’ are again marching from Park Lane to Parliament Square, where they will again demand that Parliament, which opens on Monday, ignores the result of the Brexit referendum, because they say ‘only’ 52% voted for FREEDOM from the chains of the EU. Democracy and …

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When to invoke Article 50 and why

There is a natural impatience in invoke Article 50. Pressure is added by demands from the EU to get on with it. Should we listen? Article 50 provides for an orderly withdrawal from the EU. That such a withdrawal is carried out in a friendly way, being a neighbouring nation, …

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A View of What “Out” Looks Like- Part 1

It has been outlined before that the aim of this site is to explore arguments around the forthcoming EU referendum, helping people to make a decision based in complete information. So far, the campaign had been dominated by “official” information from the government’s position labelled as Project Fear. Exports will …

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