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Mr. Trump: You’re No TR

Rising income and wealth inequality, consolidation of capital and influence into a handful of oligarchs, looming environmental catastrophe, dark storm clouds gathering over a newly nationalistic Europe. Sound familiar? From the way we talk about the issues of inequality, “breaking up the big banks,” and Syrian refugees, you’d think we …

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What happens next?

In a changing world, established settlements are being overturned and ideas once considered ‘unthinkable’ suddenly become possible again. So where does that leave Britain’s historic weights and measures? Who would ever have thought it? That’s been my summary of the events of the year, this year. The whole Trump – …

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The Daily Globe #Brexit Manifesto

Winning the referendum was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I’ve been fighting for Brexit for a long time and winning was one the grandest of satisfactions. I see fantastic opportunities for the post-Brexit United Kingdom. However, before those Brexit opportunities are realised we need to address the …

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The Next Lion: Boris Johnson

“For several decades now it has been fashionable to say that those so-called great men and women are just ephiphenomena, meretricious bubbles on the vast tides of social history. Well, I think the story of Winston Churchill is a pretty withering retort to all that malarkey. He and he alone …

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Thoughts on ISIS, Islamic Culture and liberalism.

With the recent evil ISIS terrorist attacks in Paris, Lebanon, Kenya, Egypt and other places, people are often asking “why would anyone do such a thing?” It’s a fair question but I think the gap between one who is driven to a death cult like ISIS and moderate Muslims and …

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Professional politicians?

I sometimes wonder if it is an ‘age thing’.  Am I turning into a ‘grumpy old man’?  I will let others be the judge of that. I certainly am becoming less tolerant of the foolish behaviour of those that have been elected as our leaders.  I will give three recent examples …

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Thoughts on Iraq and Islamic Extremism.

11 years ago, when I was 15 years old, I was a wholehearted supporter of the Iraq invasion. Like many Americans shortly after the 9/11 attack, I wanted to fight Islamic extremism and its threats wherever they may be. The world is very different now. Americans and Britons generally view …

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It’s Time to De-Politicise the Weather

“Please, spare me of idle conversation about the weather. When one discusses the weather I am quick to assume they mean to discuss…something else.” ~Gwendolyn in The Importance of being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, 1895. Britons are famous for talking about the weather. British weather is, well, temperate but rainy …

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Weekend Jobs Report.

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend! It was fantastic to hear all the comments on my blogs, I love all the insight I gain from you all’s perspective. Anyway, just a quick weekend news update, in America we now have the lowest workforce participation rate in 35 years. http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-09-06/not-looking-for-work-labor-force-participation-hits-35-year-low  America’s …

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Boris is right on Syria.

Writing today in the Daily Telegraph, London mayor Boris Johnson says it is madness for the west to arm the Syrian rebels. Unfortunately, I must agree, the conflict has now become one without good or bad guys, now it seems the war has become a war between an oppressive, brutal …

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