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State capitalism vs socialism vs communism

On an online exchange, a lefty illustrated the distinctions between those three concepts as such:State capitalism – private ownership with significant govt intervention.Socialism – democratic ownership of production.Communism – stateless, moneyless, classless society. Boiling it down to fundamentals, here are the distinctions according to their definitions:State capitalism – state? yes; private ownership? yesSocialism – state? …

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Financiers are not just “greedy bankers”

I would hazard a guess that most people have heard the refrain “greedy bankers” to denigrate the wealthy individuals who work in the financial sector. However, how many are actually aware of what these people do, and what role does investment banking actually play in the economy? Not ‘just’ greedy …

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#Brexit: A Chance for Conservatism’s Intellectual Revival

As it stands, the Conservative Party is divided on most things: laterally, there is a distinction between the modernisers and traditionalists, who – contrary to popular belief – do not fall neatly into the “liberal” and “illiberal” groups; and vertically, there is a distinction between the grassroots and the leadership. …

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Wealth creation is not a zero-sum game

A “zero-sum game” means that everyone’s gains are accounted for by someone else’s loss. Apparently, this is what socialists believe: “Capitalists cannot keep making money forever, because eventually they will have taken all the value from the world and would have to start taking money from the poor.” – Socialism 101 …

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Chasing Liberty

David Green, author of the upcoming “Inclusive Capitalism: He we can make independence work for everyone“, has a good piece in the Spectator about the extent to which the modern Conservative Party has abandoned the goal of maximising liberty. Bonus points to Green for quoting Michael Oakeshott, with whose work …

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Socialism is theft

In order to understand a thing you have to strip it back to its essence. The fault of too much political thinking has been that it is too abstract. It tries to impose a theoretical system on human nature rather than accept human nature as the basic building block. This …

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Capitalism is morally superior to Socialism

Because of its incorrect portrayal by the left a lot of people misunderstand what capitalism is. Quite simply it is serving one’s fellow man. A capitalist competes in the free market to provide goods and services to other people. All the parties involved benefit from every transaction. It is this amazingly …

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My Airbnb Experience

By now, my guess is that most people know what Air BnB is about. If not, I will give you a quick synopsis. When I am explaining it to people, I say it is like Uber for apartments and houses. People put their own personal living areas up for rent …

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The Modern Hunter-Gatherer

Cap•i•tal•ism ˈkapədlˌizəm/ noun “an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.” It is quite possible that we are experiencing the point in history wherein ignorance has reached critical mass. Personal accountability is at an …

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Capitalism with a human face

I spend a lot of time criticising nationalism and the SNP. This is primarily because of experience. I’ve seen the power of nationalism in Eastern Europe. It destroys lives and divides people. I’ve also experienced a government that tried to impose socialism on a human nature that opposes the attempt. …

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What is feminism’s role in 2014?

Really interesting article about feminism on Conservative Home today by Louis Burfitt-Dons. In the article she states how feminism has become more of a capitalist, rather than Marxist, movement in today’s modern world. The author seems to think a gap is developing between “elitist” women and the rest of female …

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We have a lot to be proud of!

God Bless Michael Gove. Writing in the Daily Mail, he made the point I’ve been hoping someone would make for a long time. Finally someone is standing up to left-wing revisionist historians. As a history major, we always had to read left-wing historians and how so many of them, as …

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