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Global Economy on the Rocks?

This article was written 30th April 2019, let it not be said that no-one could have foreseen the coming difficulties. The most worrying indicator is global trade volume: This has had the expected effect on global industrial production: Notice that the downturn is affecting all economic regions this time around.  …

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Scruton and the new Corporate Extremism

The debate about the views of Sir Roger Scruton has been framed in terms of “Left” versus “Right”.  Stand a little way back from the immediate debate and it is obvious that something else is going on.  What is happening is yet another media frenzy which has as its objective …

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Why Identity Politics?

Any observer of Western politics will have noticed the rise and rise of Identity Politics.  Why is this happening? It was once tacitly assumed that the participants in political debate had good intentions even if you thought they had the wrong ideas.  Identity Politics abandons the assumption that opponents have …

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Corporatism: A Daring Dream, Part II

It was my original plan to publish a three-part series of essays on corporatism. Unfortunately illness set back that plan initially, and so I was planning to make two parts. That plan is coming to fruition in some ways, but even this is going to be a little different to …

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Corporatism: A Daring Dream, Part I

Corporatism is a word with many meanings, and no one seems to know what precisely any of them are. Corporatism is a diverse set of theories, but it should be thought of in purely economic terms. When we think of ‘corporatism’ today, I am sure that most people would think …

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