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#GE2017 – And we’re off!

Britain’s Prime Minister has fired the gun on a General Election.  The vote will occur on June 8th and presents the electorate with a stark choice – competence and clarity or chaos and calamity. Let’s see if we can analyse some of the issues facing the UK, at this juncture. …

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Thoughts on Article 50

It would take a heart of stone not to have felt a twinge of emotion at least once today, be one a Remainer or a Brexiteer. There was much to feel emotional about. The sense of jubilation amongst many who have supported Brexit for a lifetime-for them, they must feel …

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Why the Lords must be overturned

The House of Lords has sent back the Article 50 bill with two amendments. The first concerns the rights of EU citizens. The second was to give parliament a “meaningful say” in any deal that might be reached. The proposed amendments can be seen here. The first of those amendments …

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#Brexit – some EU perspectives

The march towards Brexit continues. Finally, the Article 50 Bill has been presented to Parliament and passed by the Commons. What better time to consider perspectives from the EU on what Brexit might mean? With the Article 50 Bill timescale, in theory at least, Theresa May should be in a …

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Leave – why wait?

Today, Tuesday 17 January, 2017, UK Prime Minister, Theresa May will lay out the framework for Britain’s exit from the European Union – Brexit. It was an excellent blue print for a global Britain. President Trump has indicated a desire for the USA to conclude a free trade treaty with …

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New Year Resolutions

A very Happy New Year to you all. We all say it don’t we? With such an air of optimism, a new spring in our step. Out with the old and in with the new. As midnight chimes on December 31st we kiss and shake hands with loved ones, friends, …

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Brexit was just the end of the beginning

The Brexit vote was about returning power to the British people. Remoaners can spin and cry and complain but polls confirm the British people understood what they were voting for: restoring sovereignty. It was a great victory for all of us who campaigned for Brexit and we here at the …

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The changing face of democracy

A week after the referendum result, the political landscape has changed. The United Kingdom now has the opportunity to remodel itself as an outward looking nation, free of the constraints of policies decided at an EU level. It would seem that the only constraint now is our own political system. …

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The Daily Globe #Brexit Manifesto

Winning the referendum was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I’ve been fighting for Brexit for a long time and winning was one the grandest of satisfactions. I see fantastic opportunities for the post-Brexit United Kingdom. However, before those Brexit opportunities are realised we need to address the …

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A challenge to “call me Dave”

It is clear that Remain have been plotting their campaign for some time. Cameron asked us to join him in supporting a “reformed” EU. Brexit has taken a lead in the polls. Why? Cameron has a reputation in some quarters as a political animal. Before becoming an MP, his background …

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An epitaph for the European Union

Like a lot of big ideas that turn out to be unpopular, unworkable, misguided and just plain bad, the European Union probably seemed like a good idea at the time. In fact, I’m sure it did. I’m sure it still does, to the dwindling band of believers across an increasingly-sceptical …

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