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Ireland and the EU are damaging the Peace Process

The British Government is taking steps at present to prevent the EU Withdrawal Agreement being used to put Northern Ireland into the position of France, Germany or any other EU member state in the event of Britain leaving the transition period without a deal with the EU. Some people think …

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EU law is bunk

The interaction of sovereign nation states has always been a matter of power and self-interest. Britain lost sight of this during the Tony Blair years and tried to implement a so called “Ethical Foreign Policy”, which led to us performing some of the most unethical acts in our history, such …

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Kissing the Barnier Stone

Michel Barnier gained attention over his public summary of Brexit negotiations. Whilst progress has been made in some areas, the blame for stumbling blocks was firmly laid at the door of the British government. Where do we go from here? On the other hand, the UK negotiator, David Frost took …

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Hate covers a multitude of Sinns

I was a student during the troubles, and I came across a lot of people from Ireland. It always became clear after just a little bit of conversation where someone was from. Both communities from Northern Ireland frequently wanted to escape to Britain and this was often the case with …

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“No deal” or Withdrawal Agreement?

The new Prime Minister appears to be standing his ground that the backstop must go. The EU’s key players still insist that the Withdrawal Agreement (WA) can not be changed. A key Remainer, Dominic Grieve appears publicly to accept that Brexit will happen. Philip Hammond argues that Boris is asking too …

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I worry about Ireland and this damned EU.

I had a chat earlier with a pal who’d have been reared on the “other side” of the Northern Ireland political divide from myself. Discussing the likely reaction of the Irish to mass immigration, should the EU decide to dump on them next on a large scale, as suggested in …

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Falling off a cliff

The stats for my blog have fallen off a cliff. No doubt this is because I have ceased running on the treadmill that kept them going. It had become something like an addiction watching the number of readers increase and fall each week. I would scramble to get next week’s …

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Weekly Globe #Podcast: Episode 4

This is the fourth in a series of weekly podcasts featuring Ted Yarbrough and Isaac Anderson. The podcast summarised the previous week’s articles to give in-depth analysis and perspective to what was published on the site. We hope readers enjoy the Weekly Globe podcasts. You can listen to it here: …

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Dash to Dublin

Located near the midpoint of Ireland’s east coast at the mouth of the River Liffey, Dublin was founded as a Viking settlement. But for much of the country’s history and since medieval times, Dublin has been Ireland’s primary city. Today, it is an economic, administrative and cultural centre of Ireland …

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