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Was lockdown needed?

In every previous virus epidemic in history there was no lockdown. Neither in 1918-1919 (Spanish flu), nor 1957-1958 (Asian Flu) nor in 1968-1969 (Hong Kong Flu) did we attempt to prevent people from working or going to school. What if we had done the same this time? What if back …

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Boris made the right judgment call

The phrase of trial by media is pertinent from the last couple of days. I may only be in the adolescence phase of reading law, but I am sure in the fact that convictions come from trial by judge and jury and not by Owen Jones. I will be clear. …

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Scotland entered lockdown at exactly the same time as the other parts of Britain. We did so because we were following the advice that had been given to the British Government by the SAGE committee of scientific experts. Boris Johnson announced a very cautious easing of this lockdown some time …

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This state-imposed dystopia must end now

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. The phrase from the United States’ Declaration of Independence which states our natural rights and which the executive is designed to protect and defend. Most governments all over the world are pursuing, as they see it, the continuation of life to the detriment …

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Covid-19 Heroes and Villains

It’s been a while.  I last posted a blog here, back in June 2018 and since then have managed to contain my utterings to 120 and then 240 characters but..  That just isn’t enough. What follows mostly applies to the UK but I suppose some will resonate in other countries. …

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