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The Globe at the Weekend #Podcast- Episode 15

This is the Globe at the weekend podcast featuring Ted Yarbrough and Isaac Anderson for 9 February 2018. The podcast summarised Jacob Rees-Mogg and the rise of ‘Moggmentum’, Bias in the Civil Service, The NHS Winter Crisis and ideas for NHS Reform, and concluded with a discussion on Knife Crime …

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Believe In Britain- #BelieveinBritain

If you go into a primary school in London, or any major city in Britain, and ask the children whether they are proud to be British, how many will raise their hands? And if you ask them who Alfred the Great or Isambard Kingdom Brunel was, or why the English …

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A #moggmentum Manifesto

Enthusiasm for Brexit among politicians in Westminster is a bit “low-energy” at the moment. Theresa May is soldiering on after a very underwhelming general election performance that saw her reduced to leading a minority government supported by the DUP. Fallen in strength in a remarkably short period, she is now …

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Weekly Globe Episode 9 #podcast

This is the ninth in a series of weekly podcasts featuring Ted Yarbrough and Isaac Anderson. The podcast summarised the we discuss the ‘ideology’ of conservatism and future leaders of the Conservative Party; Jacob Rees-Mogg and the social media phenomenon of ‘Moggmentum’; the proposals for a deferment of Brexit and …

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