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Clap for Nicola

Since March I have not clapped for anyone. I have not gone into the street. I have not banged on pots and pans. I have not yelled, and I have not sung. I do not do such things. I have a different viewpoint on ethics and follow this teaching: When …

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Clapping – a Confession

A confession – I ‘clapped for Carers’ for a couple of weeks.  Wasn’t really that comfortable doing so – it’s not really a thing the English do but I did it. Another confession – I don’t ‘clap for Carers’ anymore. I feel better having got that off of my chest.  …

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Condemnation by medical experts

Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans were condemned by the both the medical experts and the UK courts. So their lives were taken away, by force of the court order. In Australia, Noah Wall was similarly condemned by medical experts for not having a brain. But his parents went with their heart. …

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Waking up dead

A few years ago my Aunt went into hospital with an infection. She came out dead. The day before she died she was apparently quite well. She was sitting up in bed doing the crossword. Everyone expected her to be out in a few days. My guess is if we …

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The Globe at the Weekend #Podcast- Episode 15

This is the Globe at the weekend podcast featuring Ted Yarbrough and Isaac Anderson for 9 February 2018. The podcast summarised Jacob Rees-Mogg and the rise of ‘Moggmentum’, Bias in the Civil Service, The NHS Winter Crisis and ideas for NHS Reform, and concluded with a discussion on Knife Crime …

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The NHS is not free and reform is needed

The NHS in Britain was formed in 1948 by a Labour Government with Clement Attlee as Prime Minister but the driver of this great institution as it was to become was the Welsh MP, Aneurin Bevan. Prior to 1948 Britons had to pay for health services. So, if you could …

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NHS Heresy, Part 3

The latest depressing news about Britain’s slide down the healthcare outcome rankings will only lead to more uncritical NHS-worship instead of the frank, rational and dispassionate conversation we need to have about end-of-life care for the ageing, failing National Health Service The Times’ Tim Shipman reports some awkward facts in the …

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NHS Heresy, Part 2

It takes real courage to speak out against the Cult of the NHS, particularly for people on the political left who are expected to be the biggest cheerleaders of all From a brave commenter at Left Foot Forward, reacting to the same piece of sentimentalist NHS idolatry which prompted my …

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NHS Heresy, Part 1

Our Blessed NHS (genuflect) is no longer a sustainable model for delivering top quality healthcare to the British people The Telegraph’s Jeremy Warner says the unsayable: In a tax-funded health care system, the normal, self-limiting rules of supply and demand don’t apply. Where the service is perceived to be essentially “free”, …

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