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What is ‘affordable housing’?

I assume most people take ‘affordable housing’ to mean accommodation that is affordable, something that people on average levels of income are able to afford to buy. But let’s go back to basic economics: What determines the price of a property? Although there is a rough correlation in that, if …

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A Practicable Immigration Policy

Immigration is a highly contentious topic today, and has become a focal point of political divide. One the one side you have a coalition of libertarian and left-leaning groups who advocate for open borders on economic or individual rights grounds. On the other you have increasing nativist sentiment who desire …

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In 2017 strikes should be illegal

At its very simplest an employee contracts to provide their labour in return for a remuneration package. If that employee then withdraws their labour then they are in gross breach of their contract, freeing the employer to sack them and to sue them for any harm done to the business. …

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Comments on the Conservative Manifesto

Two weeks ago, most major UK parties released their manifestoes. Despite the large number of “Vote Liberal Democrat” stickers and signs in my constituency, the election will be mostly fought by the Conservative and Unionist Party. They will face Labour in England and Wales, and the SNP in Scotland. As …

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Carnage in Manchester, it must be our last

1977, aged 7, I experienced my first ‘bomb’ in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast. Us kids had our hospital beds wheeled into the corridor as our room windows came through, from a car-bomb in the carpark. It became almost a weekly thing for a while (I was there for a …

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Labour Election Lies about the Economy

The above list, of Labour’s policies and how they would supposedly be paid for, looks like it was put together by a 14 year old who isn’t studying economics. The whole thing is a financially and economically illiterate farce. Mostly based on politics of envy and mostly going to cause real …

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Why is the British Government wasting £trillions?

The government has approved a third runway at Heathrow. The existing two runways ran out of capacity in 1977, so the new runway will be almost instantly up against its maximum usage. Immediately we will need a fourth runway and a fifth. Otherwise we still won’t be able to fly to …

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#Brexit. So much good news

So much noise is made about the Single Market that commentators forget that the EU forces us to be part of something much worse and much bigger. A Customs Union. The EU is the world’s largest anti-trade organisation. This means the 28 nations and 510 million people of the EU …

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The Labour Party despises the working man

Since Tony Blair opened the floodgates to Eastern European workers they have swarmed into Britain, the wages are many times higher here. At the end of last year there were more than two million mainland Europeans working here (an increase of around 200,000 in the year) and more than half …

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Why do we have a house price bubble?

A home is somewhere for a family to live, so it should be affordable within the wages that most people earn. This is obviously not true in the UK today. We have a massive house price bubble, which is utterly ridiculous when you consider that a four bedroom family house …

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The NHS is a 3rd world quality consumer service

It is amazing how so many people treat the NHS as if it is some religion to be worshiped, rather than the 3rd world quality consumer service that it is. They fail to realise that other developed countries also have health services, and nearly all of them do it better. …

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Capitalism is morally superior to Socialism

Because of its incorrect portrayal by the left a lot of people misunderstand what capitalism is. Quite simply it is serving one’s fellow man. A capitalist competes in the free market to provide goods and services to other people. All the parties involved benefit from every transaction. It is this amazingly …

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