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The Fight for Independence continues. What next?

A pro-EU Parliament is in the process of refusing to implement the EU Referendum result.  It is two years and nine months since the Referendum and the best Parliament can offer is a further delay of almost two years.  A delay of 5 years amounts to MPs putting up two …

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The Many Lies of the Remain Campaign

Many Remainers, still refusing to accept the democratic mandate to Leave the EU given in June 2016, claim that people only voted for Brexit because they were lied to, or because the Leave campaign misled the people. In doing so, they infer that in contrast the Remain campaign put out …

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The wisdom of the “ordinary man”

How often do you hear the expression “it’s not rocket science”? A hundred years ago such an expression would have been assigned to the world of H.G.Wells and his War of the Worlds. Literally a war of this world was just coming to an end. Americans were not long from …

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Remembering Remain Predictions for #Brexit

Remain economists predicted that a Leave vote in the referendum would produce an immediate meltdown of the UK economy.  The meltdown was the expected result of voting Leave and the “uncertainty” this might cause.  As George Osborne neatly summarized: The predictions were explicitly for the period from the Referendum to actual Brexit …

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Remain’s arguments have been proven false

It is a year since the Referendum and the economic events etc. around Brexit are clearer.  What Remain voters say:“Peace in Europe is due to the EU”Whether or not Peace in Europe was due to the EU we can now see it had nothing to do with whether the UK …

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