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A plague of yellowhammers

If Remainers were bookmakers, they would have been out of business long ago. Their ability to predict future events ranks with prophets predicting the end of the world is nigh. Next time you see someone ranting in the street calling on you to repent your sins because the world is …

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Only Euronationalism could make Tories vote for Corbyn

I’ve been trying to think of what would make Tory MPs bring down a Conservative Government. What would make them contemplate making Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister? Well it’s August. This is supposed to be the silly season. Perhaps alternatively Ken Clarke, Dominic Grieve, Oliver Letwin et al have all been …

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“Leavers are not my sort of people”

I have had quiet conversations with several Remain backers over the past couple of weeks.  All three were absolutely clear that Leave voters did not really understand what they were voting for.  They said this to me, someone who has read the EU Treaties and studied the history of the …

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The EU is on the March!

As many as 750 thousand people marched on London Saturday to demand that the UK does not become independent of the EU.  If they succeed in overturning the EU Referendum the pro-EU faction in the UK will be completely empowered.  The path to the full integration of the UK with …

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Bercow and Brexit wreckers deserve no respect

In his latest and most outrageous Remainer antic, Mr. “Bollocks to Brexit” Speaker John Bercow decided to defy parliamentary procedure, precedence, and his own clerks’ advice to approve arch-Remainer Dominic Grieve’s anti-Brexit amendment. This amendment was approved without debate. To read a good analysis of the outrageous and damaging nature and …

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Where do we go from here?

It is now 28 months since the people of Great Britain and Northern Ireland went to the polls to enact the most important democratic political and economic decision this great country of ours has ever been called upon to make. Yes, we have had General Elections that in and of …

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The Establishment & The EU Directive on Biscuit Taking

I do hope this doesn’t come across as a rant. Because it isn’t supposed to be. It’s just an honest statement: I find the EU’s actions to be taking the biscuit now. They’re going too far with their shenanigans, punishment beatings and strategies. They are behaving like a Commandant in …

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An open letter to the Tory Remainers

Dear Ms. Soubry, Ms. Morgan, Ms. Rudd, Ms. Greening, Ms. Allen, Mr. Grieve,  and Mr. Clarke, As one of the consumers to which this article refers and a pensioner to boot, I would very much like to take advantage of a lower cost of living denied to us by the …

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The wisdom of the “ordinary man”

How often do you hear the expression “it’s not rocket science”? A hundred years ago such an expression would have been assigned to the world of H.G.Wells and his War of the Worlds. Literally a war of this world was just coming to an end. Americans were not long from …

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MPs Allege Foreign Hacking Of The EU Referendum, Provide No Evidence

Cynical, calculating and alarmist MPs are undermining faith in democracy with their conspiratorial anti-Brexit shenanigans “A voter registration site that crashed in the run-up to last year’s EU referendum could have been targeted by a foreign cyber attack, MPs say”, screeches the BBC. The Guardian, spurred by its anti-Brexit bias to …

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