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Believe In Britain- #BelieveinBritain

If you go into a primary school in London, or any major city in Britain, and ask the children whether they are proud to be British, how many will raise their hands? And if you ask them who Alfred the Great or Isambard Kingdom Brunel was, or why the English Civil War is so important to how the country works today, how many could answer?

The pity of it! The absolute pity! This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England, is now bound in with shame! The millions who have sacrificed their lives for these shores have, it seems, done it all in vain! For we are no longer a strong and proud nation; we are a hollow shell of one, a mass of fractures, divisions, of idleness and demoralisation, a shambling corpse staggering to its inexorable death.

Well, I say – what legacy is that? What testament, to our victories and achievements in the past, can we hold up now? A generation of people who will grow up not knowing, and worse, not caring, about the history of the land in which they live? Is it not our duty to ensure that the Britain which we know and love is passed on to our children? We already have a generation of young people who are somewhat apathetic towards Britain; they feel no real association with it and would not take pride in being British.

People today, in general, do not have much hope for Britain in the future. People who say that they believe in the power and potential of the British nation are cast off as delusional fools. We have been thoroughly demoralised, beaten down like the sick man of Europe. Movements like Moggmentum have taken off spectacularly, which give hope for the Conservative youth, but I feel that that can have only limited effect as it is a purely political movement. There needs to be a patriotic movement, for all ages, in which we can celebrate, and take pride in being, British.

Let us think back to the Britain of 1945. We were scarred and broken, with whole swathes of the country destroyed by bombing raids, families broken by the losses during war, and yet we rebuilt. We rebuilt because we had a love for Britain. We were not motivated by the selfishness which pervades modern society, but by our traditional stoic attitude and our belief in the nation. Life was hard, and we endured years of rationing, but we believed in Britain.

The message that is being given now, in Brexit Britain, is fear. “Fear! Fear! Fear!” They say we cannot do it. They say that we will collapse if we are not tied umbilically to Brussels. There are millions of Britons who have bent the knee to this attitude of defeat. They have no belief in Britain. To think! We were once the workshop of the world! It was our inventors, our industrialists, which gave the world the knowledge and technology required to transform industry. And they think that we cannot do it again.

I want to create a movement in which we can take pride in our country again. And I don’t mean just when the football is on – I mean in daily life, when, even in the most menial of jobs, we think not of what our country can do for us, but what we can do for our country. I’m not going to pretend that this will be easy – it’s going to be bloody difficult – but, having seen the potential which Moggmentum showed for creating powerful movements, I am sure that, if we all work hard, we can make #BelieveinBritain a force to be reckoned with. I want to reach out to the hearts and minds of people, to wake the lion sleeping within.

You may be wondering exactly how this is going to work – and I’m not going to pretend that I have all the answers. The movement is entirely open, and everyone can take part. In the beginning stages I hope to create a strong social media presence, relying on the motto ‘Believe in Britain’, and when the motto has been propagated enough to generate its own momentum, then we can branch out into other ways and means. I am just a girl from a council estate in the North – but I have only one dream, and one question. I believe in Britain. Do you?


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The English Eccentric is a student from the North of England. Having, from a very early age, developed an obsession with history and a habit of dressing up and charging round the garden with swords, she now intends to continue this practice well into her adult life. She classes herself as a One-Nation Conservative.

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  1. I agree with so much of this piece although I would say that our response to post war Britain and her rebuilding using American Marshall Plan money bought us a welfare state and an abiding sense of entitlement that the state would and should provide unlike Germany that used her American money to rebuild the country. I was brought up in Coventry after the war – a city wrecked by German bombs and as a 19 year old student in the 1960s was able to work on demolition sites only then starting the rebuilding of the city and demolition of the war torn slums. Nearly 20 years after the end of the war. I wrote a lengthy history for my children of what life in Britain was really like after the war from about 1950 through to the 1980s and it shocked them.
    As this Globe piece says so well though, we have to reestablish our sense of being British and that needs to start with a fundamental rethink and reteaching of our history. Our children are still taught Tudor history when what was accomplished in this great country in the late 19th and half of the 20th century goes unreported. How often do you hear a millennial say that anything before 1980 was “before my time”? A scathing rebuke on the teaching of history in Britain. No wonder they have such a lack of understanding of what being British should mean.
    This theme of the understanding of British history is one dear to Rees Mogg’s heart and we need to take it seriously. For over 40 years now since Heath took us into the EEC on a lie and this lie was perpetuated by Major in 1992 with our entry into the EU, we have given up more and more of our sovereignty and it needs to be thoroughly understood that Brexit is the start of regaining our very Britishness.

  2. Excellent!

  3. Like you, I’m a traditionalist. Keep up the good work & keep me informed as to the progress of The Daily Globe.

  4. How do I join?

  5. Well put our country is in need of our history being taught to the children and adults of tormorrow a sense of freedom of patriotism the country’s heritage left in safe hands not sold off and taken away by left wing ideology

    • The Nasty Eastern European

      Sorry, I grew up in a very left wing country and kids are still taught History whether they want it or not, until at least 16 years old. On the other hand, my boyfriend grew up in Britain under Thatcher and he dropped History at the age of 12 because it didn´t interest him. How is then the lack of history teaching connected to left wing policies?

  6. This article is illuminating! I wouldlike to hear more

  7. Totally agree with all this lady said , hope she starts not only a movement online but personally were we can all meet up and show how much our country means to us x

  8. Well said Mrs. Every word is true. Our children are missing out so much in the lack of traditional teaching. No morning assemblies. Teachers are far too busy dealing with foreign students, language problems , & cultural arrangements.

  9. Profile photo of Isaac Anderson

    Hear Hear! Where are the application forms? Even if we cannot achieve as high successes as our predecessors did, we can avoid their mistakes and achieve much better results than if we do nothing but idly declare that “our time is up”.

    Is it any surprise we are hardly proud of being British when we are told there is little to be proud about Britain’s past?

  10. The Nasty Eastern European

    Erm, I would be a little sceptical about this. Although I know where you´re coming from I wonder if you realise what it means for the country to be “not umbilically attached to Brussels” (which is, btw, a logical fallacy if I´ve ever seen one).
    My country had been once like this – we catered for ourselves and didn´t need anything from anyone, especially not from anyone in the West.
    And what was it like? If you couldn´t get out to the shops in the morning you could just as well forget shopping as nearly everything had been sold already, you could spend the morning looking for carrots and onions, toilet paper was a luxury item and so was meat, bananas and other “exotic” fruit like oranges and peaches. The shopkeepers used to hide the best produce for their family and friends or to exchange for something else.
    And, of course, it doesn´t end with nice things to eat. Everyone had the same furniture, same clothes, shops with kids´ shoes had two models – red for girls, blue for boys (but you´d cope with that alright I guess with those hideous school uniform ones).
    On the other hand, I suppose that´s also something that could make the nation stronger – there would be nothing to envy your neighbours (except that, of course, there always is). Oh yes, and – capital argument for leaving the EU: “Britain independent of the rest of the EU” would be great deterrent for those nasty Eastern Europeans who come and steal all your fruit picking jobs. We wouldn´t wanna go West to wipe our arses with newspaper again, no we certainly would not 😀

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