Saturday , August 20 2022

Brian Bolger

Brian Patrick Bolger studied at the LSE. He has taught Political Philosophy and Applied Linguistics in Universities across Europe. His articles have appeared in magazines such as ‘The Montreal Review’, 'The Salisbury Review';, ‘The European Conservative’, ‘The Village’ (Ireland) etc. His new book, 'Coronavirus and the Strange Death of Truth' is available now in the UK and US.

2084: The Interregnum and the post-Liberal World

The world stands at the ‘Interregnum’ of modern history. We are at a precipice of a convergence of analogous threats; the majority of which have been self-inflicted. The threats go to the root of questioning key axiomatic principles of science. Innate qualities moulded by thousands of years of genetic tradition …

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Exiting History and the Myth of the Bipolar World

The ‘End of History’ has been postponed. Fukuyama, its author, assures us that ‘the spirit of 1989 is not dead…and is being reawakened’ by the Putin hiatus. The End of History and the triumph of liberalism is still there, according to Fukuyama, the Putin incident just a blip in the …

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