Wednesday , June 29 2022

Daisy Wainwright

Creating a garden for wildlife

Even in inner city areas wildlife is incredibly important, as well as being surprisingly abundant.  Wildlife adds something extra to any garden, taking it beyond just a bit of grass or a flower bed, making a city garden a haven, bringing a suburban garden together with its surroundings. Sadly many …

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Gardening for the eco warrior

Make these simple changes to your gardening regime to keep your carbon footprint right down while your garden looks good the year round… Swap Your Mower  Swapping your petrol mower for a manual equivalent can save a massive 36kg of CO2 annually and save you around £18 a year too, …

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Charity tackles fishing

It’s not just fish that are getting caught by fishermen’s hooks and lines. Wildlife such as swans, ducks and other birds are getting tangled up and seriously injured in fishing tackle that careless anglers leave behind. Now, animal charity the RSPCA is making an appeal to anglers to clear up …

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An exotic garden in a British climate

Putting together a jungle-inspired garden in a country where rain falls throughout the year and frosts hit at the most unexpected times isn’t the easiest thing to do.  Indeed if you’re a fair weather gardener all the application of fleece jackets and bringing plants inside is probably a little too …

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Penguins in peril

We’ve all heard how climate change is significantly affecting the world and many of us are consciously making steps to cut our carbon emissions and make our lives more environment-friendly. But do many of us truly know how global warming is altering the lives of the many species of animals …

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