Thursday , September 23 2021

Elena Attfield

Elena is a 20 year old student of economics. She is a Christian and regards herself a neoclassical liberal.

Market-oriented successes

Just as the free market organisation of economies faces new challenges in the West, its successes and popularity in the developing world evidence its fruits It does not require many glances of newspaper columns or much frequenting of social media today to stumble across mass vilification of neoliberalism. Or indeed …

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Tolerance or quasi-totalitarianism?

Not long ago, we heard the news that the management of the small, family-owned Ashers baking company in Northern Ireland had lost its appeal against a ruling that declared it had “directly” discriminated against a gentleman who requested a political cake. While same-sex marriage is not legal in Northern Ireland, …

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The gender pay gap is not our enemy

Gender pay gap: It was never time to peddle the gender pay gap narrative – and it still isn’t. Its causes are too complex to be trivialised and temporal flexibility should be celebrated. Everyone has stumbled across the frequent headlines regarding the gender pay gap. Attacking its supposed persistence seems …

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Why I am Voting Leave

I, for one, am somewhat relieved that two campaigns of immense hyperbole have come to an end. From day one, exaggerations, ignorance and even blatant lies have too often been the only things reigning victorious in the lengthy British referendum on EU membership. However, due to it being my last …

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