Friday , February 26 2021

John Sydenham

Dr John Sydenham has worked in International Pharmaceuticals and for one of the "big four" International Consultancies. He ran a successful company for 15 years and after selling the company devotes his time to travel, science, black labradors and freedom.

How to Leave the EU

Leaving the EU is as complicated as the UK wishes to make it. The simplest plan for Brexit would be to extend the existing customs rules for the world in general to the EU, with special provision for Ireland. There is a great deal of confusion sown by the Remain …

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Not Hard or Soft but Fast or Slow Brexit

Why May must Walk Away as fast as she can. The 2017 General Election was won by the Conservative Party.  It was a narrow victory but so was Cameron’s 2010 victory.  Anyone watching the news or reading the Guardian could be forgiven for missing the fact that the Tories won. …

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Why #Brexit?

Those who desire the people of Britain to Remain in the European Union often ask “Why do you support Brexit?”.  Here is the answer. Diversity is essential.  Economics, ecology and evolutionary theory all emphasise that growth and stability depend upon diversity.  A region that has only one industry will eventually …

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Remain’s arguments have been proven false

It is a year since the Referendum and the economic events etc. around Brexit are clearer.  What Remain voters say:“Peace in Europe is due to the EU”Whether or not Peace in Europe was due to the EU we can now see it had nothing to do with whether the UK …

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The EU after Brexit

What has Brexit done to the EU?  The answer is simple, it has accelerated the move towards EU political union where the EU operates as a single state.  This concept is fully supported by Merkel and the new, pro-EU French President, Macron.  The two leaders are in such agreement on …

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The BBC is biased against #Brexit

Are the BBC and Channel 4 biased about Brexit? Here are some examples of what they say: “prices have risen due to the fall in the pound since Brexit” The Pound fell 20 cents between 2014 and the referendum and 10 cents since the referendum.  The rise and fall around …

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The EU Single Market – Good or Bad for the UK?

The Single Market is the economic basis of the EU, it allows the free movement of Capital, Labour and Trade within its members. It corresponds to what, in the UK, was called the “Common Market” until 1993.  Countries can be full members of the Single Market by joining the EU …

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Remain Predictions for #Brexit did not come true

Remain economists predicted that a Leave vote in the referendum would produce an immediate meltdown of the UK economy.  The meltdown was the expected result of voting Leave and the “uncertainty” this might cause.  Consider the much publicised IMF predictions: The IMF has now revised its predictions! Brexit will now …

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Britain to leave the EU! Well done!

Today brings us the most wonderful news for 50 years as the British people  voted to leave the European Union.  The headline figure for the vote was 51.9% Leave versus 48.1% Remain, a 3.8% margin in favour of leaving. The reaction of pundits from the three main political parties to …

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US Bank Behind EU Membership Referendum

In the recent past we have heard that Brexit will cause:  Sterling to crash by 20% (1),  Banks to move to EU (2),  Banks on both sides of Atlantic to be struck down by uncertainty (3), London to lose its status as financial capital (4) etc. These were all rumours …

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Membership of the EU: pros and cons

Nigel Lawson, ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer,  recently criticised the UK membership of the EU, the media has covered his mainstream view as if he is a bad boy starting a fight in the school playground, but is he right about the EU? What has changed that makes EU membership a …

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