Friday , May 27 2022

Luigi Murton

Luigi Murton is 19 years old and studies at Newcastle University. He was formally a member of Ukip and was the party's eastern regional chairman for the youth wing until leaving in 2016 after the referendum to join the Conservatives. Last year, he stood for Newcastle city council. He is a passionate Brexiteer who believes the UK will thrive after we leave the EU.

Do the Liberal Democrats have a future?

Every honest Liberal Democrat member will agree that the last decade was not an easy or enjoyable one. It seems bizarre to think that Clegg-mania and the possibility of the Liberal Democrats becoming the main opposition was just 10 years ago. Fast forward to the present day of embarrassment where …

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Brexit betrayal – don’t lose faith in democracy yet

The past few weeks and days have been exhausting to say the least. As a passionate Brexiteer I find myself close to simply giving up. On Tuesday 22nd October a Withdrawal Agreement bill was finally passed! However, less than twenty minutes later, parliament decided to vote down the government’s optimistic …

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There are 4 possible outcomes from this Brexit chaos

The Brexit crisis hardly needs an introduction, and the past few days have demonstrated the utter nightmare that we are in. Theresa May published her draft Brexit agreement and it was immediately criticised from nearly all politicians and senior figures. The draft agreement does not fulfill the wishes of Brexiteers …

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Meet some of the business leaders who support #Brexit!

One of the main arguments during the 2016 EU referendum from the Brexiteers was that business has been limited due to EU regulation, and that the UK can’t trade freely with the rest of the world. There are many business leaders who agree with this argument, and some have donated …

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