Friday , May 20 2022

Sheila C Wright

Sheila C Wright describes herself as an observer and commentator on life, an unashamed non-academic with a genetic predisposition for politics, history, art and classical music. The last 24 years of her working life were consumed by the administration of Powerboat Racing as part of the secretariat of a well-known national authority governing a plethora of water sports within the UK. A former “southerner”, with a one-time peripatetic lifestyle, she is now retired and lives in……………………. comfort (somewhere else).

The Last Nail in the Coughing!

It really doesn’t take much these days for the media, or indeed any of her opponents to leap on the “deride and bring down the Prime Minister” bandwagon. Unfortunately, this was handed to them in spades at the recent Conservative Conference.  All the important mission statements in her speech were …

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We must act as Guardians of Truth

In the mid-eighties, David Hare and Howard Brenton joined forces and co-wrote a play about a South African newspaper magnate whose sole and contrived aim was to gain control of Fleet Street and the associated media, sound familiar? The fictitious character of Lambert Le Roux was created and based upon …

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Did the earth move for you?

It certainly did for me! I ask that question, as never before has such seismic change occurred in British politics. The tectonic plates of unrest started to move about 18 months ago with the lead up to and the eventual vote on the EU Referendum. It was not this momentous …

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An Election Poem

Won’t you join our Common Cause?” Said the spider to the fly, It really is a winner, and the cost is not too high, Well, Diane Abbot said so, but she hasn’t got a clue, We want you in, my friends and I as we have plans for you. We …

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The March of the Mods

After a threatening, misleading and tiring campaign waged by both sides of the Remain/Brexit argument leading up to the 23rd June 2016, it was hardly surprising that the great British public, having unplugged itself from the national grid for the day to give their full attention to the task in …

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