Sunday , September 26 2021

Tom O'Brien

Tom is an English Conservative Christian currently working as a Finance Manager in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. When not in Iraq, his home is in Grantham, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom; also the hometown of Margaret Thatcher.

Tom’s Daily News & Comment- November 10 and 11

News review November 11 Football punishment The English Football Association has fined West Ham and Chelsea, £40,000 and £50,000 for ‘failing to control their players’ during their recent encounter.Seriously?  These amounts are utterly meaningless to clubs of their size.  Also, there is no punishment for the causers of the loss …

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Tom’s Daily News & Comment- November 8 and 9

This begins a series of Daily News Updates with Comment by Daily Globe Contributor Tom O’Brien News November 9 Comment on today’s news. Corbyn and the Armed Services Jeremy Corbyn is upset that the Chief of Military Staff has entered into ‘politics’ by saying that the Uk bombing Daesh in …

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Professional politicians?

I sometimes wonder if it is an ‘age thing’.  Am I turning into a ‘grumpy old man’?  I will let others be the judge of that. I certainly am becoming less tolerant of the foolish behaviour of those that have been elected as our leaders.  I will give three recent examples …

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Working Tax Credits – Resolve is needed

What a state we have come to.  The government, in furtherance of a manifesto promise is seeking to reduce, with the long term aim of eliminating, Working Tax Credits. These are effectively subsidies paid to workers, who are not paid sufficient by their employers.  They were invented by Gordon Brown.  …

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