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  • David T Breaker

    David T. Breaker is a contributor to the Daily Globe. He is based in Kent.
  • Isaac Anderson

    Isaac is a British undergrad studying Political Science and Business on the US-Canadian border. Having been an expat since 2010, he's a globetrotter who enjoys visiting different cultures. Describes himself as a Classical Liberal / Conservative, Messianic, history fan, with a passion for the Commonwealth & Anglosphere. He also probably spends too much time on political issues.
  • Ted Yarbrough

    Ted is the co-founder and editor of the Daily Globe. He is a long-time blogger on British politics and has written a thesis on Thatcherism.
  • Elisa Crye

    Elisa began her career in Pastry at the Michelin starred Takashi in Chicago. Shortly after she earned a B.A.S. in Hospitality Mgmt specializing in Culinary Arts and Event Planning. In 2013 Elisa moved to New York City. While in New York, Elisa has lent her talents to several Michelin recognized restaurants while still making time to savor and imbibe.
  • Aaron Rankin

    Aaron Rankin is a geologist and writer from Belfast. He was chair of the South Belfast Conservative Association and stood as the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for East Antrim in the 2019 General Election.
  • Adam Cornett

    Adam is a Conservative concerning economic and social issues with a Libertarian streak on civil issues and foreign policy, the latter of which interests him most. From the town of Oldham and currently studying for his LL.B at Manchester Law School with ambitions of achieving a Reserve Commission. Has represented the Daily Globe on RT UK and is open to other inquiries.
  • Alex Illingworth

    Alex Illingworth lives in Oxford where he pursues studies in philosophy and theology, having previously studied Classics. He has written extensively on conservatism, and on British politics, and is a co-founder of the conservative blog aimed at students: The Burkean. His debut book in political philosophy "Political Justice" is a forthcoming publication with Arktos Media.
  • Alex Kelly

    Alex Kelly is a political blogger currently focusing on the EU referendum from Lancaster, UK. He is also a student at Loughborough University and is currently writing a dissertation on the role of nostalgia in the rise of UKIP. He tweets at @thepoliticsguy2 and posts articles at
  • Alisha Rose

    Alisha is a journalist, business owner and Conservative Party member from the North East of England. She is motivated by her wish to create a society in which diversity of thought is encouraged - not rejected. She seeks to encourage an optimistic, patriotic national mood and attitude in which we love and protect all that’s beautiful about our country: our natural landscapes, wildlife, architecture, traditions, culture, communities, native dialects and languages, and our British values.
  • Allen Wise

    Travel editor and world traveler with a focus and amorous relationship with Mexico and central america.
  • Alys Watson Brown

    Alys Watson Brown is a political commentator with outlets including CapX and talkRADIO. She is a student of Politics with Quantitative Research at the University of Bristol and a contributor to Young Voices UK.
  • Andrew Rosindell MP

    Andrew Rosindell is the Member of Parliament for Romford. A member of the Conservative Party, he was first elected to Parliament in 2001. He is Chairman of the British Overseas Territories, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Commonwealth All Party Parliamentary Groups and is Vice Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for CANZUK.
  • Andy Hatfield

    Anderson "Andy" Hatfield is from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA and currently works as a prosecutor in rural New Mexico. He received his B.A. from the University of New Mexico, summa cum laude, and his J.D. from the Notre Dame Law School, magna cum laude. In addition to the Fighting Irish and the Dallas Cowboys American football teams, he is most interested in constitutional theory and religious freedom.
  • Anthony Cunningham

    Anthony has worked, lived and studied in the USA, Spain and around the UK. Politically disloyal, he has voted for all UK political parties except UKIP and the SNP. A former Liberal Democrat member, he voted Remain during the EU referendum, but has since become a firm believer in the necessity of Brexit. With an interest in Commonwealth and Anglosphere relations and a love for the city of Barcelona and the books of Terry Pratchett, he hopes never to be considered a political obsessive or an unthinking ideologue.
  • Battsby

    'Battsby' is a down-to-earth Yorkshireman who has spent his life wondering what he wants be when he grows up. He is currently wrestling with the madcap world of current affairs while thinking about writing a novel based on the destination of the nation - to hell in a handcart.
  • Ben Kelly

    Ben Kelly is a Political writer, editor & #Brexit campaigner who resides in Yorkshire, United Kingdom. He is the Web Editor of Conservatives for Liberty and blogs in his personal capacity campaigning for Brexit at The Sceptic Isle.
  • Ben Woodfinden

    Ben Woodfinden is a doctoral student and political theorist at McGill University in Montreal. He has also been published in The American Interest, The National Interest, The American Conservative, The National Post, and many more. You can follow him on Twitter and subscribe to his weekly newsletter “The Dominion” at the links to his account and newsletter below.
  • Betsy MacKay

    Betsy M MacKay MA MSc completed a Master of Arts Degree in 1978; brought up her family, and by the early 2000s was ready to return to University. She returned to University to complete a Second Masters Degree , graduating in 2005 this time with an MSc in European Policy, European Law and European Economic Analysis.
  • Brent Cameron

    A writer and commentator on Commonwealth trade issues, Brent Cameron is the author of 'The Case for Commonwealth Free Trade' (2004, 2018) and numerous essays and articles. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of Commonwealth Exchange, a London, UK-based research group. Cameron worked as Telecommunications Coordinator for the Federal Ministry of Labour in Ottawa, Canada before joining SES Canada Research (now Nanos Research) as a Research Associate. He also worked as an assistant to former Ontario MPP Harry Danford, Member for Hastings-Peterborough and Parliamentary Assistant to Ontario's Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Cameron was a member of the Advance Team for Prime Minister Brian Mulroney during the 1988 Canadian federal general election. During the 2007 Ontario Referendum on Electoral Reform, he acted as Coordinator for the 'No MMP' campaign for eastern Ontario (excluding Ottawa). Cameron has also served as a member and contributing columnist on the Community Editorial Board of the Kingston (ON) Whig-Standard newspaper. He holds an honours degree in politics from Queen's University and a Certificate in Municipal Administration from St. Lawrence College (Kingston, ON). In 2014, Brent Cameron was elected to the municipal council for the Township of Central Frontenac, in southeastern Ontario, Canada, and serving as Deputy Mayor in 2017.
  • Brian Bolger

    Brian Patrick Bolger studied at the LSE. He has taught Political Philosophy and Applied Linguistics in Universities across Europe. His articles have appeared in magazines such as ‘The Montreal Review’, 'The Salisbury Review';, ‘The European Conservative’, ‘The Village’ (Ireland) etc. His new book, 'Coronavirus and the Strange Death of Truth' is available now in the UK and US.
  • Bruce Everiss

    Bruce is a political blogger and veteran games industry marketer based in the United Kingdom.
  • Commonwealth News

    A podcast with big guests, talking about all things CANZUK, politics and current affairs. The Commonwealth News podcast interviews people from across the political spectrum and around the globe on the Commonwealth News podcast. They also go out in the street to talk to the everyday members of the public, to find out their views and we will also be holding debates.
  • Charles Amos

    Cllr Charles Amos is a Young Voices UK contributor. He is also Leader of The Opposition on East Grinstead Town Council and a former Deputy Chairman of East Grinstead Conservatives.
  • Charles Marsh

    Charles is a lead researcher and writer for CANZUK International. He is based in Oxfordshire, UK.
  • Cheech

    Cheech is a blogger. You can follow him at
  • Chris Rose

    Chris is a British junior Architect and an activist for the Conservative Party. He is a Conservative who believes in Thatcherism and Libertarian values. He also has a keen interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain.
  • Chris Schierhorn

    Chris is 25 year old public accountant and CPA originally from Anchorage, AK. He moved to Texas in 2010 where he attended University of Dallas and played baseball. He likes all things sports, outdoors, and travel. He spends his free time on weekends helping coach a U12 baseball team.
  • Ciaran Reed

    Ciarán Reed is a Conservative and Unionist Party Candidate in Hertfordshire County Council and Three Rivers District Council elections in May. He is policy director at the Centre for Liberty and has written a report on CANZUK in that role.
  • Dan Mikhaylov

    Dan Mikhaylov is a Community and Civility Policy Lead at Orthodox Conservatives, a student think tank committed to making social conservatism a sensible choice for young people.
  • David Oderberg

    Dr. David Oderberg is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Reading, is a Senior Fellow at Higher Education Academy UK, and is the editor of Ratio. His chief interest is metaphysics, but he also has a major interest in moral philosophy and has published in a number of areas including philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, and philosophical logic, among others. He has written books on metaphysics and ethics, and is currently working on a book on the metaphysics of good and evil. Originally from Australia, Dr. Oderberg earned a B.A. and L.L.B. from the University of Melbourne and he graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy from Oxford.
  • The Ukrainian Missing Persons Platform

    Де Ти? Where Are You? Is an easy to use and multilingual website that lets Ukrainian missing persons register themselves and lets their loved ones easily find them. Based in London, England, DeTy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding missing people in Ukraine and helping connect families.
  • Devon Long

    Devon A. Long is the founder of the Alexandrian Post and United Commonwealth. He is of "Generation Z" and is based in Ontario, Canada.
  • Dom Stanford

    Dom is a content writer at Conservatives for CANZUK, a grassroots organisation promoting CANZUK within the Conservative Party in the UK. He works for a Member of Parliament and will be standing for election to Birmingham City Council in 2022.
  • Effie Deans

    Effie Deans is a pro UK blogger who works at the University of Aberdeen. She spent many years living in Russia and the Soviet Union, but came home to Scotland so as to enjoy living in a multi-party democracy! When not occupied with Scottish politics she writes fiction and thinks about theology, philosophy and Russian literature.
  • Elena Attfield

    Elena is a 20 year old student of economics. She is a Christian and regards herself a neoclassical liberal.
  • Emily Topping

    Emily is a 19 year old Northener who studies Business at college. She hopes to start her career in an Accounting apprenticeship in 2017. She has a keen interest in politics and identifies as a right wing libertarian
  • Gemma Wile

    Gemma is a young Conservative supporter who is originally from Wales. She now resides in Birmingham, UK.
  • George Colvin-Slee

    Outside of a busy career in contract negotiation and regulatory affairs, George is a freelance writer and researcher based in London. His main interests include diplomatic history, wider international relations and post-Brexit trade policy
  • George Morrall

    George is a 22 year old Yorkshireman with a passion for history, politics and obscure facts. He is in his 4th year studying British Politics and Legislative Studies at the University of Hull and blogs at A Conservative Party members since 2013, he is involved in his local association and has worked in Parliament.
  • Hani Mustafa

    Hani is a 15-year-old student from Peterborough, UK and is heavily involved in his local Conservative Party association. He is very keen on helping his local community, and as such, he has worked with his local Youth Council, a body designed to hold elected city councillors to account and represent young people at City Council meetings. Despite been being born abroad in the Czech Republic, Hani is very proud to call the UK his home and is very proud of the U.K.'s traditions, including the monarchy. He was very active in the Vote Leave campaign, including being a Coordinator for his constituency and appearing in media both local and international media. You can follow him on @_hanimuatafa
  • Holly and Hugo

    Holly and Hugo is an e-learning company which features courses for animal lovers and those planning to work with animals in the future. Their courses have been created just for you, and since all study is completed online you can learn anywhere and at your own pace. Check out the courses in more detail at, choose which ones suit you best, and begin building an exciting new career today! Source: Free Articles from
  • Hoong-Wai

    Software analyst. Engineering graduate. A social progressive at heart, and a former atheist. Believes in protecting life and liberty. Recently developed a strong interest in economics despite having given up the subject many moons ago. UKIP parliamentary candidate for 2017. Emigrated from Malaysia to the UK in 1998.
  • Iain Mansfield

    Iain Mansfield is a former senior civil servant who worked extensively on trade, competition and higher education policy, including spending over two and a half years in Manila as Director of UK Trade & Investment for the Philippines. He was the winner of the Institute of Economic Affairs Brexit prize and a local councillor candidate for the Conservative Party. He writes in a personal capacity and his regular blog is at
  • Ian Bell

    Ian's interest is in Current Affairs including UK & US Politics, with a particular interest in Toryism, and British Social, Economic, & Military History. Ian is a member of the UK Conservative & Unionist Party
  • Ian Eshelman

    Ian is a scholar who has studied the fields of music theory, classical piano, rhetoric, art history, and aesthetics, He also writes and paints. Originally from Washington DC, he currently works in finance in Dallas, TX, USA.
  • Ian Pye

    Ian is grammar school educated although he briefly flirted with the idea of becoming Britain's answer to Breaking Bad's Walter White with a short sojourn at university. The constant smell of hydrogen sulphide caused the break up of that partnership and thereafter he pursued a career in sales culminating in partnering with his second wife for many years in their own recruitment business. When the second marriage came to an amicable end, so did Ian's allotted time in the world of commerce and he became a retired person of no means but a still active brain. He lives on the outskirts of the great metropolis of Manchester and has close affinity with the red side of the football city being a United fan of over 50 years. He has deep interest in British politics, is conservative by nature and persuasion as well as reading much on aspects of religious theology particularly the works out of Albuquerque, New Mexico of Richard Rohr and hitherto Richard's mentor, Thomas Merton. Ian has three children, two of whom live in London and the third in Toronto as well as four adorable grandchildren
  • Jack Dacombe

    Jack is a freelance writer based in London. He writes about UK politics and social issues on the Daily Globe and at
  • Jacob Long

    Jacob Long is a 17 year old Australian high school graduate aspiring to study law. He is an avid writer with a keen eye for world news and has future political ambitions.
  • Jake Scott

    Jake is a Master’s student of Political Theory at the University of Birmingham in the UK with a focus on ideology, and edits the online publication “The Mallard” for conservative students. He is interested in poetry, fiction, moral and aesthetic philosophy, history and, of course, politics. He considers himself a traditional conservative, and focuses on social and cultural conservatism, describing his economic stance as a “reluctant capitalist”.
  • James Skinner

    James is the founder and executive director of the Commonwealth Freedom of Movement Organisation; an international non-profit that advocates freedom of movement for citizens between the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. James was born in South Wales, UK but currently resides in Vancouver, Canada
  • Jason Reed

    Jason Reed is a political and public health commentator and the UK Lead at Young Voices.
  • Jeff Hubbard

    Jeff Hubbard has worked on energy policy issues since 2010 when he joined the Institute for Energy Research. He now works for FleishmanHillard as part of the energy team.
  • Jess Gill

    Jess Gill is a political content creator on YouTube and TikTok (@GillyPolitics). She is a strong libertarian and advocate for free market capitalism.
  • Joe Ray

    Joe Ray lives in Edinburgh and works in the social investment sector. He writes about Scottish and British politics and in particular how Brexit has changed the dynamic of the Scottish constitutional debate.
  • Joel Rodrigues

    Joel was born and lives in the United Kingdom, and is a geophysicist working for an oil services company. He blogs in his free time about politics, mainly concerning Brexit. He identifies mainly with conservatism and civic nationalism.
  • John Chambers

    John Chambers is from Belfast , but now lives in the North West of England. He is the author of Belfast Child, which is about his life growing up within the heartlands of Loyalist West Belfast and his life long search for my missing Catholic mother. He also blogs and posts articles mainly on Current Affairs, War & History and posts daily on key events in the Troubles and Deaths due to the conflict in N.I. You can follow him at
  • John Hartigan

    John Hartigan is author of Betrayal of Britain: How politics failed Great Britain in the early 21st Century now available on Amazon. Founder of the AskBritain movement to restore voters' rights to consent to constitutional change. He is a member of the Labour Party and candidate in local elections. His postgraduate research on the World War One volunteers was published in Midland History. He is a senior investment manager and former bank manager.
  • John Sydenham

    Dr John Sydenham has worked in International Pharmaceuticals and for one of the "big four" International Consultancies. He ran a successful company for 15 years and after selling the company devotes his time to travel, science, black labradors and freedom.
  • John Talbot

    John Talbot is a university history student and amateur writer from the UK. His main interests are history and politics—with a particular emphasis on Britain and the CANZUK movement— which have shaped his beliefs over time. In his free time he also enjoys writing fiction and world-building.
  • Jon-Paul Teasdale

    Jon-Paul Teasdale is Chairman of the United Commonwealth Society. He has spent over fifteen years working in public service, and is currently a supervisor in the north west of England. He has a keen amateur interest in history, politics and the Commonwealth, and is the founder of Greater Better Britain.
  • Joshua Chohan

    Joshua Chohan is a regional executive in the Conservative party and stood in the local government elections in May. Joshua is also a member of the CANZUK international team as an associate.
  • Kaide Seager

    Kaide writes about history and politics.
  • Krysta Jackson

    Krysta Jackson a writer, who writes enriching posts. Apart from writing informative posts on latest technologies, she also writes largely on fashion, health, lifestyle, travel and other leading blogging platforms. She loves to share her knowledge with others through blogging.
  • Lisa M. Bridge

    Lisa M. Bridge is a writer, online student and property restorer who is married with three cats. She lives in England. When she is not reading, studying or writing, she is trying to find her purpose in life...I know I left it round here somewhere. She used to work in accounts and payroll. Curious about everything, passionate about a lot and she really wishes things did not have to be so complicated.
  • Lord David Alton of Liverpool

    For 18 years David Alton was a Member of the House of Commons and today is an Independent Crossbench Life Peer. He began his career as a teacher and, in 1972, while still a student, he was elected to Liverpool City Council as Britain’s youngest City Councillor. In 1979 he became the youngest member of the House of Commons and, in 1997, and when he stood down from the Commons, he was appointed a Life Peer. His motto on his Coat of Arms is taken from the Book of Deuteronomy: Choose Life.
  • Luigi Murton

    Luigi Murton is 19 years old and studies at Newcastle University. He was formally a member of Ukip and was the party's eastern regional chairman for the youth wing until leaving in 2016 after the referendum to join the Conservatives. Last year, he stood for Newcastle city council. He is a passionate Brexiteer who believes the UK will thrive after we leave the EU.
  • Luke Binney

    Luke is a 21-year-old Student reading for British Politics and Legislative Studies at the University of Hull. He is from Yorkshire, in the UK. He co-founded both Lib Dems for CANZUK (@LibDems4CANZUK) and Yorkshire for CANZUK (@YCANZUK) and has an interest in politics of the CANZUK nations as well as British Constitutional topics, particularly decentralisation and federalism.
  • Luke Brandon

    Luke Brandon is a final year Natural Sciences MSci student at Lancaster University. Away from biology, he is a proud conservative who supports a closer relationship between the UK and her Commonwealth family
  • Luke George

    Luke is a neoconservative and Tory who campaigned for Stuart Andrew in the previous general election and voted leave in the EU referendum. He is also a political blogger and Author who is working on a book series. He is 21 and resides in the United Kingdom.
  • Marcus Foo

    Marcus Foo is a young Kiwi-born Australian Gay Conservative Monarchist with a Malaysian-Chinese background and is a political commentator and writer focused on the politics of Australia and of the culture wars and who also runs his own blog titled "Politically Conservative" addressing various political and cultural issues.
  • Mario Laghos

    Mario Laghos is the editor of Just Debate.
  • Michelle Robson

    Michelle Robson is a 41-year-old married woman living in the north of England. Attended a UK comprehensive school and has a great interest in owning a wide selection of reptiles and Exotics, which she cares for dearly, (cuddly besties who just need love) this passion developed from work at a reptile rescue charity. Recently married but has been with her husband for 19 years and has 3 children, she is also really passionate in the Gothic period including current pieces of art and decor. Has recently become both knowledgeable and passionate in politics, especially over the EU referendum and continues to help people understand politician’s agendas and other political theories for those who care to learn. She has very strong political views that can easily be swayed with reliable information.
  • Nicholas Morris

    Nicholas Morris is the Youth Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. Nicholas Morris has served as the Nation's Commonwealth Youth Ambassador between the period 2011-2015 as well as the UN Youth Rep. between the period of 2013 -2015 having represented the nation in Sri Lanka, Dubai, Australia, UK Nicholas Morris has been actively involved in the local Politics of Trinidad and Tobago as he served as the Chairman of the United National Congress Youth Arm during the party's tenure in Government (2010-2015) and now serves as the International Affairs Officer of the United National Congress. Nicholas Morris is currently the Parliamentary Adviser to the Opposition Chief Whip of Trinidad and Tobago . He became the Youngest Advsior to a Cabinet Minister when he was appointed as Adviser to the Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago in 2013 (2013-2014). In 2011 became one of the Youngest Directors of a State Company when he was appointed as Director of the Youth Training Employment Partnership Program Limited (YTEPP LTD)(2011-2017) Nicholas Morris is the grandson of a Welsh World War Veteran (Wilfred Morris) and has written many articles within the local media on the importance of British values, British Development , Impact of the UK on World Development and has been featured in the UK newspapers - Dailymail UK for his article "Thank you Britain" He has formed the movement TT Conservatives to spread the Conservative values within Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Oliver Norgrove

    Oliver is a 20 year old Conservatarian Leave supporting student of journalism at University of the Arts, London. He is a researcher and blogs in his personal capacity at He resides in Bexley, London, United Kingdom.
  • Paul Maginnis

    Paul Maginnis is a Conservative Party member, and author of The Return of Meritocracy: Conservative Ideas for Unlocking Social Mobility.
  • Philip Yip

    Dr Philip Yip is a Researcher at the University of Strathclyde in the field of Biophysics. Outside of research, he has taken an interest in British politics and has been a vocal advocate for the CANZUK movement and is an admin of the CANZUK Facebook Group (which the reader is welcome to join).
  • Rex N

    Rex is a freelance writer in medical affairs, economics and sport. A former teacher and examiner of Economics, his interest in European Union affairs took root when discovering the depths of the Maastricht Treaty. He is a committed democrat having campaigned for a popular vote to decide on further integration measures, based on fact rather than spin.
  • Rivkah Lambert Adler

    Rivkah Lambert Adler, Ph.D. is an Israel-based freelance journalist, book reviewer and adult educator, specializing in Jewish and Israeli content.
  • Robin Popley

    Robin Popley is the Chairman of The Britannia Alliance. He is a History Graduate who works in Law and is also a Freelance Writer.
  • Ryan Khurana

    Ryan Khurana is a Research Fellow at the Consumer Choice Center. He has previously worked at the General Medical Council and the Institute of Economic Affairs. His work on UK Land Planning Regulation won the first annual Breakthrough Prize on Poverty Alleviation. His current interests are in the Economics of Technology, Health, and Welfare Policy.
  • Sam Hooper

    Sam Hooper is a former management consultant turned political commentator, currently living in London with his Texan wife. Sam can usually be found somewhere online, droning on about politics, free markets, civil liberties, classical liberalism and classical music. Sam is a proud conservatarian, blogs at and tweets @SamHooper.
  • Samuel Fewtrell

    Samuel Fewtrell is a Thatcherite Young Conservative and the Founder and Chair of the '79 Movement, a group dedicated to promoting Thatcherism throughout the modern Conservative party. He is from Maidenhead, Berkshire.
  • Savanah Dickinson

    Savanah is a 21-year-old university student and young professional. She is organised, optimistic and aiming to make a difference. She guides her fellow yopro’s with her blog, Trials & Tribulations of a Young Professional, providing her own tips and tricks to making it in the adult world. Savanah has been published in numerous publications including American Airlines's in-flight magazine, American Way, and by her university's newspaper, The Daily Reveille.
  • Scott Crisp

    Scott Crisp is a writer and comedian from Dallas, TX. You can follow him on Twitter @scott_m_crisp.
  • Sean Houlston

    Sean is a Geography student in Cheshire, UK. He is involved in a range of development projects in the North-West and is an active campaigner for making young conservatives voices louder in the North.
  • Sheila C Wright

    Sheila C Wright describes herself as an observer and commentator on life, an unashamed non-academic with a genetic predisposition for politics, history, art and classical music. The last 24 years of her working life were consumed by the administration of Powerboat Racing as part of the secretariat of a well-known national authority governing a plethora of water sports within the UK. A former “southerner”, with a one-time peripatetic lifestyle, she is now retired and lives in……………………. comfort (somewhere else).
  • Shelby Quitta

    Shelby is a young professional living in Austin, Texas. She is a graduate of the University of Dallas where she majored in English. Her interests include reading, art, podcasts, coffee, and traveling.
  • Atul Singh Chaudhary

    Atul Singh Chaudhary is a travel enthusiast and passionate travel writer for an online travel search engine in India. His website is Source: Free Articles from
  • Soutiam Goodarzi

    Soutiam is a young Conservative activist just moving onto college to do A levels. Massively Pro-Brexit. Interested in foreign policy. She loves music, particularly the violin and enjoys anything to do with politics. She holds mostly liberal social views, but is extremely conservative economically.
  • Stephen Hoffman

    The Parliamentary Liaison Officer for Conservatives for Liberty. Based in London.
  • Thomas Moss

    Thomas Moss is pursuing a degree in Law at the University of Chester and is on his local Conservative Party’s Executive Council. Born in Liverpool, he has ambitions to enter the Bar. He supports economic liberalism and social conversatism, similar to that of Mrs Thatcher.
  • Tom O'Brien

    Tom is an English Conservative Christian currently working as a Finance Manager in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. When not in Iraq, his home is in Grantham, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom; also the hometown of Margaret Thatcher.
  • Tom Pierick

    Tom is a student at the University of Dallas. He is based out of Irving, Texas, USA.
  • Tony Bennett

    Tony is the Secretary of Active Resistance to Metrication. He is based in Harlow, Essex, United Kingdom.
  • UK Rants

    "UK Rants" is a blogger who supports both the Conservative party and leaving the European Union. He writes on current affairs to inform his readers with as much information as he can, to allow them to make most informed decision possible when voting. He blogs in his personal capacity at
  • Warwick Cairns

    Warwick is Press Officer of the British Weights & Measures Association and author of About The Size Of It: the Common-Sense Approach To Measuring Things (PanMacmillan) and How to Stop Living Dangerously (PanMacmillan). He has degrees from the University of Keele and Yale University. Born in Dagenham, Essex, he has lived many places, including in Africa and a Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, USA. He now resides with his family in Windsor, Berkshire, United Kingdom.


  1. Hello, I just read your post on MyTelegraph, where I blog as Chestertoniann.
    I am a published author and my latest manuscript, ‘The Road to Hell’, on the problems of ‘progressivism’, is currently with a publisher. I have also contributed to the Analysis and Review website.
    I am very interested in your approach and wondered if you would be interested in a series of articles based on ‘The Road to Hell’.

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