Monday , October 25 2021


Failing to learn the lessons of indyref

If someone could persuade me that Britain would be much worse off financially if we voted to leave the EU, I would almost certainly vote to remain. The same argument applied with regard to Scotland during the independence referendum. I was persuaded by the economic arguments, that Scotland would be …

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Professional politicians?

I sometimes wonder if it is an ‘age thing’.  Am I turning into a ‘grumpy old man’?  I will let others be the judge of that. I certainly am becoming less tolerant of the foolish behaviour of those that have been elected as our leaders.  I will give three recent examples …

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The Modern Hunter-Gatherer

Cap•i•tal•ism ˈkapədlˌizəm/ noun “an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.” It is quite possible that we are experiencing the point in history wherein ignorance has reached critical mass. Personal accountability is at an …

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British Values – Global Perspective

Often, I am asked by friends “what is the mission of the Daily Globe?” Usually, they want me to pigeon-hole the site. They want to know if the Daily Globe is a political website, a social website, a rant website- they want to know what exactly is the Daily Globe? …

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Capitalism with a human face

I spend a lot of time criticising nationalism and the SNP. This is primarily because of experience. I’ve seen the power of nationalism in Eastern Europe. It destroys lives and divides people. I’ve also experienced a government that tried to impose socialism on a human nature that opposes the attempt. …

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Working Tax Credits – Resolve is needed

What a state we have come to.  The government, in furtherance of a manifesto promise is seeking to reduce, with the long term aim of eliminating, Working Tax Credits. These are effectively subsidies paid to workers, who are not paid sufficient by their employers.  They were invented by Gordon Brown.  …

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In Scotland we admire things that don’t work

One of the odd things about political discussion in Scotland is our attitude to the EU. During the Referendum it was accepted by both sides that it would be some sort of disaster if an independent Scotland were not to retain membership of the EU. There was therefore lots of …

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