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#CRCC statement on the Windrush Generation

The Empire Windrush approaching Britain on June 22 1948 Photo: GETTY

We at the CRCC are pleased and happy to see that the government has reversed their previous attempts to deport the Windrush Generation of fellow subjects of HM Queen Elizabeth II and Commonwealth Citizens. It is right that they have had their rights and benefits restored to them. It is also heartening to see the level of public support outpouring from all sides of all political spectra. We wish them all the best in the future and hope to see further progress on Commonwealth Affairs from HM’s Government.

For further good commentary on Windrush, please watch the interview of the former Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, and Daily Globe contributor, Nicholas Morrs.

PM to meet Caribbean leaders to discuss Windrush mistreatment

"Thousands are losing their jobs what I hope is that the government hastens the process" says Nicholas Morris, former Commonwealth Youth Ambassador as Theresa May to meet Caribbean leaders to discuss Windrush mistreatment.

Posted by RT UK on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

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