Thursday , May 26 2022

EU Election: The Unwanted 2nd Referendum

Hello again dear readers, I’d like to have been able to say that this is a pleasure. As a matter of fact, it is more of a patriotic, democratic burden which I feel must be performed.

This is an election we should not be having to fight. It is a de facto 2nd Referendum on EU Membership and one which the Prime Minister said 108 times would not happen.

She has surrendered on every aspect of Brexit, up to and including today by allowing a Second Referendum. But this is not just a matter of Brexit.

It’s a matter of democracy.

The democratic will of the people is being subverted by a three way LibLabCon stitch-up between three parties of elitist professional politicians, all of whom are arguing about which method of subverting Brexit is the best.

Traditionally, the Conservative and Unionist Party was the one to vote for. But they have betrayed the electorate and are Tarnished by Association with May. They are the party which can (and NOT will) deliver Brexit. And that election leaflets for the Tories don’t even mention Brexit. 

This is not acceptable in a democracy.

Everybody must vote for the party which WILL deliver Brexit. Not merely for the sake of Brexit, but for the sake of Democracy in the UK.

And there is only one party which will do so. Even if it is just for this election, Brexit has subsumed all issues and party politics.

Britain expects every elector will do his duty. We strongly feel such a duty is to vote for the Brexit Party and urge you to do so, irrespective of your politics or position on leaving or remaining in the EU.

About Isaac Anderson

Isaac is a British undergrad studying Political Science and Business on the US-Canadian border. Having been an expat since 2010, he's a globetrotter who enjoys visiting different cultures. Describes himself as a Classical Liberal / Conservative, Messianic, history fan, with a passion for the Commonwealth & Anglosphere. He also probably spends too much time on political issues.

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  1. I am shortly off to vote for the Brexit Party and have asked all my friends to do the same. The government and the UK needs a strong message that our opinion on Brexit has not changed.

  2. Yes indeed John – this is most certainly a time for all to rally round the flag.

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