Friday , May 27 2022

Putting the Case for CANZUK

CANZUK is often a very prevalent topic within Conservative circles; and it is often viewed by people who do not support it as some  colonial pipe dream. But CANZUK is a very real and very likely possibility. We do not only share common values and head of state, but a very real need for more closer future cooperation and trade. This is especially important as we as a nation begin to move a way from China; and our allies do the same.

There are many shared traits between our nations. These include a common history and common values. There is also a high level of Immigration between these 4 nations – especially between the United Kingdom and Australia. Many are leaving the United Kingdom in search of a better life and vice versa.

It is a simple fact that the tensions between the western world and Communist China grow stronger daily. It is also a simple fact that 2 of these nations happen to be in China’s preverbaile stomping ground. It is only wise we come together and defend out common democratic interests.

I may have talked a lot about our common interests, but I haven’t exactly said what they are. We share the Westminster political system, and all of our political systems work in a very similar way besides a few minor differences. We share the same head of state, similar standards of living and a shared history. These are just few of the things that we share so it is only right we come together in the face of future adversity.

About Samuel Fewtrell

Samuel Fewtrell is a Thatcherite Young Conservative and the Founder and Chair of the '79 Movement, a group dedicated to promoting Thatcherism throughout the modern Conservative party. He is from Maidenhead, Berkshire.

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