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Sunday Reads & Causes

While we pride ourselves on our frank, fair and forthright articles on current events in the UK and around the globe, we admit that there are – on occasion – articles that are also worthy of being read, positions worthy of being understood, petitions to be signed and causes to be championed. Further, we cannot have all such on our website, so what we have noted we link in below. We wish to stress we may not agree with everything written, and in some cases, these may include opposing viewpoints that we believe are worth considering and discussing. As a newsite that champions British Values, among which are Freedoms of Speech, Debate, Conscience and Thought, we believe that such rights should be exercised even when we do not agree with everything others may.

We wish all our readers an enjoyable December weekend and wish to say thank you to all those who have “liked” our Facebook page, which recently has passed the 1,000 mark. It’s a great honour to be a favoured site of news and editorials for such a large number of people, and welcome to all our fellow travellers (unless that sounds too Corbynista).

Articles Worth Reading:

We need to tackle BOTH Muslimophobia and Christianophobia Barnabus Fund

CANZUK Countries Top UK Poll for Desired Freedom of Movement CANZUK International

Petitions Worth Signing:

CANZUK (Canada, Australia New Zealand, UK) Free Movement 

The Commonwealth, Realms & CANZUK Campaign (CRCC) petition for the government to realise closer Commonwealth ties would be greatly beneficial in the post-Brexit era.

A pair of Service dogs – Dazz and Driver, are being put down by the MoD despite their meritorious service in Afghanistan with British forces. Their handlers have requested them, but they seem to be denied a retirement. SAS trooper and author Andy McNab has created a petition to ensure they are housed and not put down. It can be found here.

The case of Hafizullah Husseinkhel, an Afghan asylum seeker and former interpreter for the British army. He is currently set for deportation. You can read about his case and sign the petition here.

Books worth reading:

The moral case for Fossil Fuels by Alex Epstein

Margaret Thatcher, Volumes 1 and 2 by Charles Moore

The Churchill Factor by Boris Johnson

Things Worth Watching:

The Biathlon World Cup has begun in Öresund, Sweden. The event, which consists of both cross-country skiing and marksmanship, is in preparation for next year’s Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. Despite suffering from repetitive funding crises, British biathletes Amanda Lightfoot and Scott Dixon are already proving to exceed the meagre expectations. It can be watched on EuroSport TV channel or the ProBiathlon channel on Youtube.

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Isaac is a British undergrad studying Political Science and Business on the US-Canadian border. Having been an expat since 2010, he's a globetrotter who enjoys visiting different cultures. Describes himself as a Classical Liberal / Conservative, Messianic, history fan, with a passion for the Commonwealth & Anglosphere. He also probably spends too much time on political issues.

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