Monday , October 25 2021

The Globe at the Weekend #Podcast- Episode 15

This is the Globe at the weekend podcast featuring Ted Yarbrough and Isaac Anderson for 9 February 2018. The podcast summarised Jacob Rees-Mogg and the rise of ‘Moggmentum’, Bias in the Civil Service, The NHS Winter Crisis and ideas for NHS Reform, and concluded with a discussion on Knife Crime in the UK. We hope readers enjoy the podcast. You can listen to it here.

Times where topics are discussed:

0:00- Jacob Rees-Mogg and the rise of ‘Moggmentum’.

12:18 – Bias in the Civil Service.

25:40- The NHS Winter Crisis and ideas for NHS Reform.

46:40- Knife Crime in the UK



About Ted Yarbrough

Ted is the co-founder and editor of the Daily Globe. He is a long-time blogger on British politics and has written a thesis on Thatcherism.

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