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The Globe on the Weekends #Podcast- 2017 in Review

This is the Globe at the weekend podcast featuring Ted Yarbrough and Isaac Anderson. The podcast summarised 2017 focusing on Brexit, British politics,  Donald Trump’s Jerusalem decision,  and concluded with a progress report on the CRCC- the Commonwealth, Realms & CANZUK campaign. We hope readers enjoy the podcast. You can …

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A single transferable Pro UK preference

Over the years I have had minimal interest in council elections. I simply want whoever runs the council to do their job as cheaply and efficiently as possible. Ideally I would like as little party politics as possible involved in how local services are run. I would much prefer it, …

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New Year Resolutions

A very Happy New Year to you all. We all say it don’t we? With such an air of optimism, a new spring in our step. Out with the old and in with the new. As midnight chimes on December 31st we kiss and shake hands with loved ones, friends, …

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