Thursday , May 26 2022

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How to beat the SNP next Thursday

I haven’t been writing much about the Scottish Parliament election lately. This is for a number of reasons. I am not very interested in election campaigning. I’m better at political argument. I have minimal interest in the peculiarities of the electoral system where we have one vote for the constituency …

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How to maximise the Pro UK vote in Scotland

It’s important to understand how the Scottish Parliament election system works to find the best way to defeat the SNP and other pro-independence parties such as the Scottish Greens and Alba. The latest poll is as follows SNP 42%    Cons 22%   Lab 17%     Green 8%    Lib Dems 8% The SNP has had around a …

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Should All for Unity have Sturgeon worried?

All for Unity – Unity’s the name, and unity’s the game. The party, founded as the ‘Alliance for Unity’, but renamed at the behest of the electoral commission is the creation of (gorgeous) George Galloway, and until recently, it was led by him too. Jamie Blackett is the man in …

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