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Where is the Beauty in Buildings?

A recent article on CapX from Radomir Tylecote[1] argued that we have turned our backs on the architectural traditions of our Western heritage, and in the process lost our connection to our own history and the generations that built it. Tylecote argues well, and makes a strong case for reintroducing …

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Architects Push Back Against Cultural Appropriation Concept Creep

While some professions seem to be capitulating to the mores of millennial fragility and safe space culture without a shot being fired – including some of the industries once thought least likely to go soft – it is good to see at least one group pushing back. Sensing a looming threat from a Guardian Op-Ed which …

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Athens: an ancient city in a modern world

With its magnificent architecture, legendary cultural attractions and unparalleled place in history, the Greek capital continues to captivate. The city blends the classical and the contemporary and boasts some of the world’s oldest landmarks. The Acropolis No visit to Athens is complete without a journey through the acropolis – the …

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