Friday , May 20 2022

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The USA and UK are under attack

Is the USA undergoing serious change and if so who is stirring it?  The American War of Independence was agitated and financed by France, the French Revolution was supported by the USA and UK,  the Greek War of Independence by the UK,  the Russian Revolution by Germany, the Chinese Revolution …

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The Fall of Empires

Empires rise because a group of people becomes more prosperous than their neighbours.  This enhanced prosperity is usually the result of the superior management of the economy, society and resources.  Relative prosperity gives the group the ability to project power. As can be seen from the graph below, we are …

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The immorality of collective punishment

Since the early 1970s Britain has witnessed numerous terrorist attacks. Most of them were committed by the IRA some more recently have been committed by Islamic extremists. But British people have neither blamed Irish people in general, nor Catholics nor refugees nor Muslims for these attacks. There are always idiots, …

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Britain is being trolled.

There were no black children in either my primary or secondary schools. Racist words were commonplace. When I moved to Edinburgh middle class students used racist words to describe shops run by people of Pakistani origin and takeaways run by people of Chinese origin. We didn’t do this in a …

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Choosing books

We are living in strange times.  Times where history, or rather British and English history, is being erased. Statues are being pulled down and or defaced.  MPs, local Councils and Common Purpose police are in thrall to extreme Leftist agitators.  They are literally, on their knees in a symbol of …

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