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What have the Brits ever done for us?

There is something dispiritingly similar about Irish nationalism and Scottish nationalism. This is no doubt because the one frequently supports the other. Most Scottish nationalists would cheer if Irish nationalism achieved its goal of uniting Ireland, while I strongly suspect quite a lot of Irish people would delight in seeing …

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What the BBC misses about Leave voters and immigrants

One of the most overrated and overblown reasons for folk voting out of the European Union last summer was immigration. There existed within the Leave vote a substantial contingent that advocated retaining membership of the single market and pursuing what is called the ‘EEA option’. There was a large rural …

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Is Britain really safer in? (Part 1 – military)

One of the early claims in the referendum campaign, even before the campaign started in earnest, is that Britain is “safer IN”. Let’s have a look at these claims. There are three aspects to the claim. The first of these is militarily, the second is in terrorism, the third crime. …

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Actually, Brexit campaigners aren’t ‘Little Englanders’

Of all the the ridiculous names we eurosceptics (a misleading word; I’m not sceptic about anything) have been called leading up to this referendum, only one has really bothered me: the ‘Little Englanders’ jibe.  In the minds of our critics, our views are old-fashioned, antiquated and do not belong. We …

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Interview with Chris Shroeder

The world envies British style. But style can only go so far. If Aston Martin were to release a line of cars titled “James Bond,” perhaps a few would sell. Upon investigation however, most consumers would likely sidestep the marketing pageantry in an effort to bring more quality—not novelty into …

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The supranational root of the EU problem

There will come a time when we perceive Britain – with its traditional global outlook, it’s long history as a merchant and maritime power, with its trade links and special relationships all over the world – becoming part of the European Union as a folly, an historical error. While post-war …

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Prague’s value breaks win

City breaks have become popular with working Brits who may not have the time or money to take more than one long holiday a year. A short break to a European city is a much needed tonic and a treat that most people can afford, especially if they choose a …

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An exotic garden in a British climate

Putting together a jungle-inspired garden in a country where rain falls throughout the year and frosts hit at the most unexpected times isn’t the easiest thing to do.  Indeed if you’re a fair weather gardener all the application of fleece jackets and bringing plants inside is probably a little too …

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