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Meghan and Harry – the Relatives from Hell?

Yesterday the mass media finally proved that it was insane.  Meghan, a woman who, by European standards is white skinned, was held to be black and hence the victim of racism.  Harry, a full grown man, happily derided his own family on prime-time TV.  The interview is strong evidence that …

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When Sparks Fly

Brent H. Cameron is a Senior Advisor with Concierge Strategies, and a local councillor in Ontario, Canada. The second edition of his 2005 book, “The Case for Commonwealth Free Trade: Options for a new globalization” is available on Amazon worldwide – both in paperback and in Kindle e-book formats. In Canada, there …

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Let us not notice

The history of Britain is that of a small island that began as a collection of territories ruled by chiefs and warlords and gradually evolved into a constitutional monarchy. Most of Europe evolved up until a certain point as we did, but then diverged. Collections of territories that tended to …

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The benefits of constitutional monarchy

The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy, and has been credited with being the pioneering nation in this kind of government. It is a form of government that has developed over many hundreds of years and has faced many challenges, but through all these challenges has endured. A classical conservative …

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