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How to: Check Before You Buy

It makes sense to have a second hand car’s condition verified by an independent inspection. But it’s not a cheap business and you could save yourself some grief by carrying out your own thorough check first, to spot any obvious problems, before the experts move in. So you have your …

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How to: buy a used car

There’s a lot of financial sense in buying a second hand car, rather than a brand new one. You avoid the steep depreciation of a car’s early life, which means you can buy a lot cheaper or get a lot more in terms of power or features for your money. …

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Homebuyers commit after just 96 minutes

Buying a home is the biggest investment most people are likely to make. You would hope that such an important investment would be given plenty of time and thought, yet amazingly Brits spend more time booking their holidays than viewing the home they buy. Abbey Mortgages worryingly found that British …

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