Thursday , July 7 2022

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The worst thing the SNP can do to you

What’s the worst thing the SNP could do to you personally? Many Pro UK people would assume that it would be if Sturgeon achieved her goal of Scottish independence. But this is not true. Whatever we might think about the economic consequences of the breakup of the UK these would …

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Why I am Quitting Netflix

The internet erupted in furore on Thursday when news broke of a film called ‘Cuties’ being published by the online streaming service Netflix. The film is billed as an empowering story of a young girl who defies her ‘conservative family’s wishes’ (yes, this is the description on Netflix) and joins …

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The true cost of parenting

There’s nothing in the world more joyful than the news that you’re expecting the pitter patter of tiny feet. But the fact that bringing up a child to the age of 21 now costs £194,000 – a rise of £14,000 in just three years – is enough to take the …

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