Monday , July 4 2022

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#Brexit means?

What the hell is going on with Brexit? Could it be true that Theresa May, a lacklustre Home Secretary and a personality-devoid drone, was the only option for leader after Mr PR, David Cameron stood down? Boris may have been no serious person’s choice for PM but he could raise …

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The Last Nail in the Coughing!

It really doesn’t take much these days for the media, or indeed any of her opponents to leap on the “deride and bring down the Prime Minister” bandwagon. Unfortunately, this was handed to them in spades at the recent Conservative Conference.  All the important mission statements in her speech were …

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Conservative Party Conference 2016: The Verdict

Overall, this year’s Conservative Party Conference was a success. It was so wonderful to see the Conservative Party finally be united in support of Brexit. Guido Fawkes said it right when he said Theresa May’s Brexit speech was the speech many of us have hoped for decades to hear a Prime …

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