Sunday , September 26 2021

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After Coronavirus

In six months time, after huge numbers of deaths in the Middle East and elsewhere due to Covid-19 what will have changed? The retail industry will experience the biggest change.  Many small shops cannot survive months of shutdown.  Expect town centres to contract yet further as everyone learns how to …

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Rishi Sunak just killed Scottish nationalism

Twice now in the space of twelve years we have seen a British Chancellor do what it takes to save the British economy. In 2008 the Treasury bailed out the banks in 2020 it has just bailed out everyone else. Can any Chancellor prior to Rishi Sunak have had such …

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Global Collapse? How likely?

There is currently some talk of global economic collapse being imminent. (See for instance Complex Systems Collide, Markets Crash).   The basic thesis is that interactions between the world and the economy can cause the economy to switch into a different mode of operating. Things are looking bad at the moment. The …

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Time to cease fiddling

We were promised that there would be an economic crisis if we voted to leave the EU. For three years our politicians argued with the EU and among themselves about little else. We were promised that leaving with “no deal” would cause economic chaos. Now we have a real crisis …

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