Monday , October 25 2021

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The SNP have just been badly defeated

Things haven’t been going terribly well for Nicola Sturgeon in recent weeks. Her one-time Covid elimination strategy looks still more foolish now when even New Zealand has had to abandon it. If the saintly Jacinda Arden cannot manage to keep Covid from spreading in a country two and half thousand …

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Ending lockdown is political

There are two views of politics.  In the first the People are born free and the State intervenes to prevent oppression by powerful individuals and groups.  The purpose of the State is to protect freedom and the individual.  In the second view people are born into service to society and …

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Good riddance, Matt Hancock

It is welcome news that Matt Hancock has resigned – though Boris Johnson should have sacked him. After all, as early as last year, he called him “f*cking hopeless.” Matt Hancock represents the worst in politicians – or rather yet human beings. This is a man who used his position …

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Post COVID, post Brexit reconstruction

The UK is facing an exciting future as a result of Brexit.  We have a golden opportunity to configure the UK as a business entity that benefits its workers and hence the population of Britain. Now that we are freed from many rules about government intervention and “level playing fields” …

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Boris’ obliteration of Labour continues

English local election results have continued right where General Election 2019 left off – namely, the Conservatives winning over the former Labour “red wall.” Councils that were once the safest of safe Labour areas are now Tory. Hartlepool, a constituency that has been controlled by Labour since its inception, now …

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The EU shows its true colours.

Only one major Western Country has started a vaccine war, undermined confidence in vaccinations and signed a trade and investment agreement with China.  That country is the European Union. The mainstream media liberally condemns any behaviour by the UK or USA that fails to make it onto the latest moral …

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The Public Sector is a Disaster

Challenges like COVID test organisations. NHS England shows no sign of appreciating the urgency of the vaccination program.  It is asking potential vaccinators to show evidence of “skills” such as diversity awareness before they are hired. How vets, student doctors and nurses, dentists etc. who could be used in the …

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Predictions for 2021

The most obvious prediction is that vaccines will defeat the COVID epidemic and life will begin to return to normal.  Full normality is unlikely until the late summer but a semblance of normality will begin at the end of March provided the government prioritises vaccine administration, recruiting pharmacies who already …

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Brent H. Cameron is a Senior Advisor with Concierge Strategies, and a local councillor in Ontario, Canada. The second edition of his 2005 book, “The Case for Commonwealth Free Trade: Options for a new globalization” is available on Amazon worldwide – both in paperback and in Kindle e-book formats. Recently, the Daily …

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