Friday , July 1 2022

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Europe Must Fight Back or Die. The UK must #Brexit

What do you think it will take for the elite that are running Europe into the ground, to wake-up and recognise the existential threat that they have allowed to grow, in their own countries?  How many in Paris?  How many in London?  How many in Brussels?  How many in Madrid? …

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Labour’s shame

The UK parliament will, at some point in the near future, vote on the UK military taking part in a coalition of countries fighting against Daesh in Syria. The Labour party are still considering their position but their leader seems to be fundamentally opposed to any military action, whatsoever.  The Conservative …

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Paris and denial

An open letter to President Hollande, President Obama, Chancellor Merkel, Prime Minister David Cameron and other Western Leaders Yesterday, I posted here on the threat posed by the fifth column within Western societies.  I had no idea that the (incomplete) list of atrocities, committed extremist Muslims would have new attacks to be …

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