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Architects Push Back Against Cultural Appropriation Concept Creep

While some professions seem to be capitulating to the mores of millennial fragility and safe space culture without a shot being fired – including some of the industries once thought least likely to go soft – it is good to see at least one group pushing back. Sensing a looming threat from a Guardian Op-Ed which …

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Bill’s Townhouse

Christmas is certainly in the New York air as 5th Avenue department stores begin to display their store fronts. It is a classic New York image painted in our minds; walking down the Avenue on the arm of our loved one admiring the beautiful windows. This holiday spirit entices friendly …

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Pink Pineapple Event Design

Our senses greatly influence how we perceive the world and how we remember our experiences. We are most affected and engaged when a variety of our senses are stimulated. Does it not make sense then, to have an Event Designer who not only understands this philosophy, but practices it? History …

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Make a success of DIY design

Home makeover programmes have inspired millions of people to become a little more creative with their interiors. You can now choose from endless paint shades, rolls of designer wallpapers, floor coverings, furniture styles and accessories. It is piecing them all together that is the hard bit. While choice is always …

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The best designs of all time

There are some designs which we love for a few months before consigning them to the bin of bad taste.  But there are some which stand the test of time, looking great in every changing trend… Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Chair  With its clean lines and sleek looks Mies …

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