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Capitalism and the Environment

With the rise of Extinction Rebellion and other climate alarmist groups that have made militant demands in the name of protecting the environment, there has been a massive call for government action with demands to raise taxes and increase government spending. Furthermore, there has been a call to cut the …

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Fun facts about Climate Change

Over the years, I’ve learnt some interesting facts about the atmosphere and climate change… Cloud cover Water vapour is evaporated from the seas , which covers 70% of the global surface area. The warmer air is, the more water vapour it can hold. [1,2] The more water vapour there is …

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Environmentalism in the EU

The EU has had overall responsibility for environmental concerns in the UK and other member states for almost 30 years (Treaty on European Union, Art 191).  How well has it done beyond putting up blue flags?  Has it done better than the Member States might have achieved outside the EU? …

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Fighting a Brexit Election

Now that Hammond and other Remain Tories are no longer setting the agenda the new Conservatives can have a tactical election for Brexit.  They can put tax cuts and other contentious issues aside.  This is a Brexit election.  Remainers will attempt to divert the campaign away from Brexit because they …

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Who Decides What We Eat?

I care about the environment and so I do my best to recycle and switch the lights off when they’re not required. I care about my health too and as a student living on a budget, I try to live on a low cost, healthy diet. Fundamentally though, these are …

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Rewilded land requires boar control

Wild boars run amok in the city of Genoa, as abandoned rural areas are ‘rewilded’ This little piggy went to Genoa. Shutterstock. Robert Hearn, University of Nottingham Crossing the Ponte Gerolamo Serra in the Italian city of Genoa, I spotted a small crowd clustered by the river wall. I approached, …

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Go green to be seen

Far from leaving people feeling blue, it seems the housing slump has made many of us turn green. In a bid to make our houses more appealing in an increasingly competitive market, many of us are making our properties more eco-friendly to entice prospective buyers. Tired of watching house prices …

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